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In 2003, the idea was born to have a community website for fans and fanatics of The Living End. Rather than be your typical fan site, this webpage promised to be an accessible medium for like-minded people to easily contact each other. With the help of other fans, this idea soon became reality, and [TLEfans.com] was born. Most recently, in 2005, [TLEfans] underwent its most ambitious change yet. It spread it's wings, and now hopes to offer a myriad of new and exciting services. The name has changed, but the ideals are the same. Welcome to [23rdPrecinct.net] - The Living End Community!

23rdPrecinct.net - The Living End Media Archive

The website known as 23rdPrecinct has over the last 10 years evolved from a community directory of sorts to a vast repository of media relating to Melbourne rock band 'The Living End'.

We welcome old fans and new fans alike to enjoy browsing the archives here as we continue to pack them out with press articles, audio bootlegs and video clips.

We are currently in a state of transition to the new site so please be patient as new and old material is populated within these pages. Please check back regularly or "Like" our Facebook page for updates.

Have fun, browse around, and most importantly...Roll On with your head held high!


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