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1999.09.16 - Channel [v]

Content Type: Chatroom Transcript
Interviewed: Chris Cheney, Scott Owen, Travis Demsey
Album Era: The Living End (Self Titled)

Chat Transcript - Channel [V]

Date: 16.09.1999
Featuring: Chris Cheney, Scott Owen, Travis Demsey


Welcome to the log of the Living End online chat of Monday's date, 16 November. Here we find the band grouped around a computer, pondering the questions of the universe, as posed by their fans. Is the world really round, or as Scott suggests, are those satellite pictures airbrushed???

guest5: Are u guyz stoked about getting the biggest single in Australia at the ARIAs?
thelivingend: yes, we're very happy about getting it, basically we didn't expect to win anything, and we do so, we just take it as a bit of a nice night out (Trav)

narcan: is trav there?
thelivingend: yes, just answered the last question

guest5: what sort of covers did you guys play in ya we youth?
thelivingend: we played pretty much everything, from Elvis to the Beatles to the Stones to early 80s new wave stuff (Chris)

narcan:cause its dave fumberger here.. i was just wondering if you remembered me from when i done work experience at revolver
thelivingend: of course I do Dave, how you going mate? (Trav)

MrCoffee: what do ya think happened to the singer the original singer of the manic street preachers?
thelivingend: MrCoffee: it was actually the original guitarist (Chris) and I'm leaving it wide open. Wouldn't like to say really, who knows. I just hope he did what he wanted.

guest5: what did ya do to get the green day support?
thelivingend: we sent them a tape, a t-shirt, and a couple of photos. we didn't even have a CD out at the time, so this is all we had to send, and they liked it. (Chris)

guest5: what r your fav rockabilly bands?
thelivingend: guest5: Stray Cats, Restless, The Sharks, Necromantics etc. etc. too many to mention, mostly the English ones (Chris)

meg20: what inspired your style of music?
thelivingend: meg: the Stray Cats (Scott)

MrCoffee: i know it may sound like i wante to get a free ride, and im sure you get heaps of it, but you guys dont happen to have spare tix for tonites live at the wireless?
thelivingend: come and try and bash one of the security guards, it's the only way you can still get in (Scott) pretty sold out

MrCoffee: do you guys get pissed off when people dont sing along to, or sing, when you stop in from here on in?
thelivingend: MrCoffee: it's not their fault if they don't know the song ... we just prefer it if they do sing

lucifer: how did you guys gwt together?
thelivingend: lucifer: Scott and Chris got together in highschool, it was a highschool crush (Scott) and we found Trav in the gutter of Fitzroy st on a Friday night

meg20: when ya coming back to brissy
thelivingend: meg20: Thurs, playing Festival Hall with Rancid, come and say g'day (Scott)

Fast-Runner: What time is live at the wireless on Triple J and what is your favorite muppet?
thelivingend: fast: 9pm, Chris is Gonzo, Trav is Animal and Scott is Miss Piggy

Holly: your question what is the primary school on your booklet from your latest album
thelivingend: Holly: Mordialloc (Scott)

MrCoffee: Scott: have ya ever tried to play your set with a electric bass, as opposed to a double bass? thelivingend: MrCoffee: yeah once, about 3 years ago and I failed dismally ...

narcan: you guys should come down and do a gig in mildura , it would go off :)
thelivingend: narcan: the Sandbar goes off (Scott)

lucifer: when is your next all ages gig in melbourne?
thelivingend: lucifer: Pushover on Saturday

Holly: hey chris have you got a cousin called rachael
thelivingend: Holly: yeah I do, brother of Mark, and Adam (Chris)



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