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2002.06.02 - Official Chatroom

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Interviewed: Chris Cheney
Album Era: MODERN ARTillery

Chat Transcript - Official Chatroom

Date: 02.06.2002
Featuring: Chris Cheney


Chat with Chris Cheney, 02 June 2002

Q: Hows your sister?

A: Baby hasn't arrived yet, but she is good

Q: So whats happening?

A: Demoing lots of new songs at the moment. Rehearsing and all that kind of stuff.

Q: When do we get to see you guys play next?

A: We're hoping to do some gigs in the next month or so, as we have to finish our album first.

Q: Why did you keep your Ballarat gig a secret?

A: It was a last minute decision and we wanted to use it as a quiet warm up

Q: Any speculation on a release date for the new album.

A: No release date for new album yet - ASAP its been too long.

Q: No offence to Andy...but Pollyanna were a pretty piddly weak pretentious band...hows he coping with TLE songs?

A: Andy is fitting in really well and is bringing lots of good stuff to the band.

Q: When you do go on tour, are they going to be mostly all ages shows?

A: There'll be all age shows.

Q: Which new car did you end up getting? Chrysler Cruiser?

A: So far I haven't got a new car, still looking

Q: What about the Jam? They were a good three piece

A: I love the Jam. Indeed a great three piece.

Q: Whats your favourite toothpaste?

A: Are your Macleans shining

Q: Will you be touring regional towns as well as cap cities next time?

A: We will definitely be going to as many places as possible - regional included.

Q: Will you be doing Livid this year?

A: We may be doing it still not sure at this stage

Q: Hows ur mum?

A: Mums just fine thanks for asking

Q: You have a favourite Beatle?

A: I'd have to say Paul cause I just dig his voice.

Q: Bodyjar rocked the Palladium

A: I agree Bodyjar are great!

Q: How come u dont wear shorts

A: Tis a little chilly out

Q: Why is Scotty's newest bass a flat back?

A: I have no idea - sorry

Q: Have u checked out a young NSW band called Secondbest?

A: No I am afraid not

Q: Where's Craig at and whats happening with the webpage?

A: I haven't spoken to Craig but I will find out

Q: When you do an American tour again, you better come to Dallas, because you've got some fuckin hardcore fans out here!

A: See you in Dallas

Q: Have you ever heard of Bob Dylan

A: Bob who?

Q: Have you heard of the guitarist Jason Becker? If so what do you think of him?

A: I havent heard of Jason Becker I have to get out more

Q: You have to play at least 1 wood grain 6120 Nashville, the are the best!

A: They are the best

Q: How are things going with EMI? I heard somewhere they were having some money troubles.

A: I dont know much about their finances I am sorry

Q: Hows your manager Rae goin? Doin good for the band?

A: So far so good

Q: I guess now is not a good time for a minutes silence to honour the late Alec Cambel

A: Any times a good time

Q: How would you describe the sound of the new album

A: Its hard to tell at this stage. But as usual we're trying some new stuff mixed more with the rockabilly roots

Q: Do you like Hungry Jacks?

A: I dont think the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks

Q: Why are you called 'bird'? Have you heard of Charlie Parker..he was called 'bird' too.

A: Yes I am aware of Charlie Parker but Ross from Bodyjar gave me the nickname and everyone calls me it now

Q: More or less rockabilly?

A: More so the energy of rockabilly and rocknroll

Q: Is there any other plans to do any more recording with Bodyjar such as Halfway Around The World?

A: I would like to record with Bodyjar again but no plans at this stage

Q: Do you shop at Coles?

A: Yes I shop at Coles

Q: Do you get into any psycho stuff? Mad Sin or Nekromantix?

A: When we started we used to play a lot more psycho stuff but I like most of that style of music.

Q: What branch toilet paper do you use?

A: Sorbent kids

Q: What bands did you like at Warped?

A: Mindsnare, Bosstones, All, MxPx, Area 7 - too many to mention

Q: How old were u when u started playing guitar?

A: 6 and 3/4

Q: You wouldnt happen to know what Eddie Fury and Joe Phantom from the Fireballs are up to these days?

A: I havent seen either Eddie or Joe for a while - I'm sorry

Q: Maybe you can convince Brian Setzer to come to Australia

A: I could try but Im not gonna make any promises

Q: Nathans gone!

A: Yes - I think Nathans ok

Q: What do you think of Rickenbacker guitars?

A: Rickenbackers are great, I just recorded a song with a 12 string

Q: What bout Matons?

A: Matons make lovely guitars also.

Q: Chris do you have Dutch background?

A: No I dont have a Dutch background that i know of - its German I think

Q: How is Andy goin?

A: Andy is going really well and playing great.

Q: What have you been listening to lately?

A: Rory Gallagher and Graeme Parker - to name but two

Q: Im pretty poor, can I clean ur house for 5 bucks?

A: If you like picking up rabbit shit - sure

Q: I saw a video interview and you called yourself Chris the Dutchy!

A: I thought it was a Dutch surname and then I found out it was German I still dont really know

Q: Does your bunny live in the house as well?

A: Yes - and shes called Moo

Q: How do you pronounce Cheney?

A: You can pronounce it any way

Q: Do you realise moo is what cows do, not what rabbits are

A: Well her full name is Missymoo but Im lazy and she looks a bit like a cow

Q: I play double-bass really well, though I'm what you would call a guitarist

A: I play bass very badly

Q: Can you play drums at all?

A: I can hit him but they dont sound too musical

Q: You know what Trav is up to now? Is he still in that Knockout Drops band?

A: I think Trav is still playing with the Knockout Drops at present

Q: Learn the double bass, it's breathtaking.

A: Its too hard on the fingers Im afraid - Im weak

Q: Can you thank Em for this chat...she helped heaps

A: I shall Nissy

Q: My sis and I want to know about what time do u think you'll tour the USA again? We have to get ready for ya!

A: Hopefully be in the US before the end of the year

Q: All the regulars in the sports bar at the Whellers Hill Hotel reckon they're your best this true?

A: No I only met the guys

Q: Why was the drummer so pleased after putting together a jigsaw puzzel in 3 months?

A: When they were already in Bodyjar

Q: Whats your favourite band to tour with? (Bloke had Bosstones name)

A: Bosstones of course!

Q: Ever think about touring the southern states like Texas...?

A: I'd like to tour all over America it is just time restrictions that get in the way.

Q: Still a VB man? Besides the Crownies on the guitar ;)

A: Yeah still a VB man

Q: How do you face comments such as that you are now an American band?

A: I still have a pretty thick Australian accent

Q: How long do you see yourself playing and having TLE together?

A: For as long as it's enjoyable.

Q: How do Bodyjar face comment that they are now a crap band?

A: Youd have to ask them

Q: Which of yer albums do u like the best?

A: I like Roll On a little better

Q: Are you and Scott still getting on?

A: Yes me and Scott get along fine.

Q: When are you coming to Japan?

A: Back in Japan hopefully soon. I'd love to do Summer Sonic again.

Q: Anything you'd like to ask/tell us?

A: Only that it's all going really well and we're back on track. Can't wait to get back and play live.

Q: I'd thank u for comin in, but I'm a little freaked out that u keep Cam's Time To Grow Up hair in a jar.

A: Not sure about Cam's Hair??

Q: What's your favourite venue?

A: A club in Japan - Forgotten the name.

Q: Chris get Razel to support yas when ya next tour next!!!

A: Razzle - I'll remember the name Razzle.

Q: Lee Rocker is a really good song writer.

A: Lee Rocker is also a damn good singer.

Q: Did u like the Roundhouse venue?

A: Roundhouse is great when there's lots of people. Like any venue I guess.

Q: Lash - please don't do that to us again Chris

A: I gather you are not a Lash fan - Sorry

Q: "Road to Arkansas" by Speedy West...fuckin amazin.

A: Speedy West - Jimmy Bryant and Joe Maphis. Are all incredible.

Q: Does EMI stock up on the Red Bull to get the most out of their bands?

A: Red Bull: Give you wings indeed!

Q: I'll support u on tour Chris...I reckon u need a stand up comic on tour.

A: Good idea Emo keep in touch.

Q: Do you know what's in Red Bull?

A: Lots and lots of funny chemicals.

Q: Haven't you been to Tulsa before?

A: I believe we have been to Tulsa.

Q: Will u sleep better at night knowing that brocolli reduces the risk of cancer?

A: I will sleep better tonight thanks.

Q: Were you thinking of suing that bloke that ran u off the road?

A: Not much chance of that I'm afraid - he pretty much got off clean - oh well life goes on.

Q: Do you know Major Matchbox?

A: I'm aware of Major Matchbox - Yes

Q: Were you pleased All Torn Down got number 10 in MMM Top 500?

A: It's a bonus when things like that happen I suppose.

Q: When I was about 5 my favourite song was Rockabilly Rebel by them.

A: That was the big one.

Q: I'm gonna buy u a pair of shorts coz u make me laugh.

A: Shorts are great for having a good chuckle in.

Q: What band was Scott playing bass guitar for in that vid?

A: He was playing bass for Strung Out after their bass player hurt his wrist.

Q: What did you originally have planned for the Dirty Man clip?

A: We had it planned to be like a comic strip idea - But I'm not gonna say too much cause we may still use it, But then we had the car accident and we were forced to go with a live compilation.

Q: Whats your fav type of shoe?

A: Creepers are probably still my favourite shoe.

Q: Don't you think a Yeah Yeah reunion would be cool?

A: If Yeah Yeah reunited - Yes i'd be there.

Q: We want a TLE video!!!

A: We wanna get a Living End DVD out as well. Hopefully after we record.

Q: Will u be wearing shorts in the DVD?

A: I may wear shorts - Yes - who knows

A: Thanks for the chat folks - I'll speak to you soon. Thanks for supporting us through this past few months. We will be back playing live soon and take care out there. Waves bye and turns off - Sayonara.  

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