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2002.12.30 - Official Chatroom

Content Type: Chatroom Transcript
Interviewed: Andy Strachan, Chris Cheney
Album Era: MODERN ARTillery

Chat Transcript - Official Chatroom

Date: 30.12.2002
Featuring: Chris Cheney & Andy Strachan
After the release of 'One Said To The Other'.


*** Topic of #thelivingend: Chat with Chris Cheney 30th December (Monday night) at 9pm -10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. says niss. // thats 2am monday morning for cali kids..

[08:54PM] <Mayb> ive never heard so lonely either D
[08:54PM] <Fellas> Andy: Have you played in any bands before? or is this your first one?
[08:54PM] <Jerri> run away sam
[08:55PM] <katty> chris-- how long have you been playing guitar for and did you get so damn good?
[08:55PM] <unknown_69_> yea
[08:55PM] <Warlock_Society> ye how did u get so damn good
[08:55PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> May: 38 :)
[08:55PM] <pavementoyster> ANDY - you still with us buddy?
[08:55PM] <Warlock_Society> i spent an hour today trying to learn the roll on solo
[08:55PM] <Jess_Kase> oh by the way chris HAPPY BIRTHDAY for thursday :)
[08:55PM] <Mayb> 40
[08:55PM] <jason_zarps> Katty: Chris has been playing since he was 6. Practice and practice!!
[08:55PM] <pavementoyster> yes indeed many happy returns etc
[08:55PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> wheres my happy birthday for friday :P
[08:55PM] <Warlock_Society> how old is he now?
[08:55PM] <unknown_69_> wow!
[08:55PM] <Trav> woah thats a new recored may
[08:55PM] <AllTornDown> fav guitar solo in a living end song chris?
[08:55PM] <jason_zarps> 28
[08:55PM] <ChrisCheney> Ive been playing guitar since I was 6 and I havent done much else but that.
[08:55PM] <JaCiNtA> ANDY what r u doin new years eve?
[08:55PM] <Fellas> oh yeah Chris, i'll shout you a beer if you ever come to Gosford
[08:55PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> Fellas: he was in pollyanna. dont u read the website??
[08:56PM] <yummyfish> Chris : can you teach me to play?
[08:56PM] <Mayb> nah trav, we were over 50 last time
[08:56PM] <KeithMoonLives> Omigosh, this is so overwhelming, and I'm not even the one answering questions, lol!
[08:56PM] <ChrisCheney> Jess: thanku very much for the kind bday wishes.
[08:56PM] <tle_gurl> hey hey hey all
[08:56PM] <Nissa_nothererightnow> bye
[08:56PM] <DAveeeee> hey chris!!!
[08:56PM] <BrAZz> hey
[08:56PM] <tle_gurl> yeah, happy b'day chris
[08:56PM] <ChrisCheney> Yes Im getting older but not wiser.
[08:56PM] <Romi> CHSI
[08:56PM] <Mayb> how old on fri Didi?
[08:56PM] <Jess_Kase> no problems kase is here to u know *nods*
[08:56PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> antos u stud
[08:56PM] <Dsprngboy> wish i would start so early :D im hangin on with Green Day songs..... :)
[08:56PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> hey ant
[08:56PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> can u get a bootin plz? 
[08:56PM] <tle_gurl> chris.... i'm putting out posters for the geelong gig, but i'm underage, is there any way i could get into a soundcheck or something?
[08:56PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - you might not be getting wiser - but you're getting more kick ass on the guitar each time i hear you play
[08:56PM] <BrAZz> hey chirs wat made u think of riot on broadway
[08:56PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahaha
[08:56PM] <Warlock_Society> ye i only started a couple months ago
[08:56PM] <AllTornDown> chris-is the new album going to be more strait forward ?
[08:56PM] <bennyD> happy birthday and merry christmas and happy new year chris
[08:56PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> 42 may!
[08:56PM] <Fellas> i meant before Pollyanna KatiebAndMissyA
[08:56PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> we're gettin there
[08:56PM] <Ezekiel> yo room
[08:57PM] <Jess_Kase> yo
[08:57PM] <Mayb> woot!
[08:57PM] <Ezekiel> are we all behaving?
[08:57PM] <unknown_69_> hi
[08:57PM] <Mayb> hey ant
[08:57PM] <Jess_Kase> \m/
[08:57PM] <Mayb> no
[08:57PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> Fellas: specify then 
[08:57PM] <jessrocker> word ez
[08:57PM] <JaCiNtA> ANDY what r u doin new years eve?
[08:57PM] <West_End_Riot> CHris: if u were a fruit wat fruit would u BE?
[08:57PM] <ChrisCheney> Unfortunately Romi, we are not playing on NYE, I really wish we were bcoz weve played so many others and this time we have nothing to do.
[08:57PM] * Trav pokes ant and hinds in the mass of people
[08:57PM] <katty> chris-- are you guys gonna be releasing a live album some time in the near future?
[08:57PM] <Andy_Strachan> fellas,ive been playing in bands 4 about 10yrs,pollyanna ,boatshow etc.even a cover band called the runaways!
[08:57PM] <Romi> OHHH
[08:57PM] <Warlock_Society> hey chris if you guys decide to play while you're visiting in LA you should have a special presale on this site for the true fans
[08:57PM] <chit> Hi Chris/Andy -Andy do write songs?
[08:57PM] <Mayb> and andy too ant!
[08:57PM] <Mayb> ta
[08:58PM] <tle_gurl> CHRIS - i'm putting up posters for geelong.... and i'm underage... is there any chance to get into a sound check or something? PLEEZ?????
[08:58PM] <Romi> oh my god
[08:58PM] <Roquex> WHAT"S UP GUYS!!
[08:58PM] <ChrisCheney> Katty: it is definitely on the cards but not just yet.
[08:58PM] <Romi> i wanna do street team!
[08:58PM] <DAveeeee> hey chris, you dont want to take me to a gig as a soundy do ya??????
[08:58PM] <Warlock_Society> ye i wanna do street team too
[08:58PM] <Warlock_Society> how come us americans dont get poster
[08:58PM] <Ben> gday Ant
[08:58PM] <Ben> hows it going?
[08:58PM] <Warlock_Society> and letters signed by the band
[08:58PM] <KeithMoonLives> Yeah! Do you need a roadie??
[08:58PM] <Warlock_Society> and cd's
[08:58PM] <jason_zarps> well stiff shit! mua ahahaha!
[08:58PM] <Jess_Kase> andy if drummer are so good with their hands why cant they type? (just kidding we still love ya)
[08:58PM] <Andy_Strachan> mayb,we r getting there!
[08:58PM] <Mayb> everyone wants to do street team, but not everyone can
[08:58PM] <Roquex> Can I do streeteam in LA?
[08:58PM] <tle_gurl> hey andy!
[08:58PM] <Romi> WELL I WANNA
[08:58PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I think this is finally working..
[08:58PM] <Fellas> Thats cool Andy, it sounds like you have really know your stuff
[08:58PM] <Mayb> ahh good to hear Andy
[08:58PM] <Romi> DOMM
[08:58PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> i count 44 now
[08:59PM] <ChrisCheney> tel girl.. send rae an email.
[08:59PM] <tle_gurl> thanks
[08:59PM] <Warlock_Society> hey roquex we should set up our own special LA street team for the living end
[08:59PM] <West_End_Riot> IF U WERE A FRUIT WAT FRUIT WOULD U BE???????????
[08:59PM] <Mayb> 45 and its not even supposed to have started yet
[08:59PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> haha
[08:59PM] <nirvana_punk_182> hey chis any when is the single going to be released in canada?
[08:59PM] <Roquex> where's SCOTT?
[08:59PM] <Andy_Strachan> pearl,ludwig
[08:59PM] <ChrisCheney> westend riot: i am a fruit.. the cake variety.
[08:59PM] <tle_gurl> will u guys be in Oz for OFFSHORE 2003?
[08:59PM] <Romi> yummy?
[08:59PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahah
[08:59PM] <West_End_Riot> kool
[09:00PM] <AllTornDown> one said to the other is the most catchiest living end song yet,is the whole album gonna be like that.its alote diff to the usual but has still got the trademarks
[09:00PM] <Romi> im listening to u now...?
[09:00PM] <Dom_Sweeney> chris: what kind of car are you driving now? hehe
[09:00PM] <DAveeeee> hey CHRIS, you dont want to take me to a gig as a soundy do ya??????
[09:00PM] <sarah2> guys: any chance of a video/dvd being release soon?
[09:00PM] <chit> Chris -Did you write Strange?
[09:00PM] <ChrisCheney> tle girl... we are probably still overseas at teh time of offshore.
[09:00PM] <Romi> yess! DVD! please
[09:00PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> *gugs* hey jakie
[09:00PM] <Dsprngboy> chris, i wish you can someday come to play here in Finland, so that these finnish bastards would hear your great music :)
[09:00PM] <nirvana_punk_182> could you guys just say mark mclennan that would be so awesome
[09:00PM] <Cris> hey everyone
[09:00PM] <Mayb> awwwww no offshore
[09:00PM] <Mayb> :(
[09:00PM] <Jake_TLE> Hi arnya
[09:00PM] <Jess_Kase> (y dads trying to sing prisoner of society only he seems to think the lyrics are victim of society *rollseyes*)
[09:00PM] <Ezekiel> oh good jake is alive
[09:00PM] <tle_gurl> i know......
[09:00PM] <West_End_Riot> lol
[09:00PM] <Jake_TLE> god its 2am
[09:00PM] <Mayb> heeeeeeeey jakey!
[09:00PM] <unknown_69_> lol
[09:00PM] <Jake_TLE> hi may!!!
[09:00PM] <AllTornDown> DVD,D
[09:01PM] * Trav jumps on jake
[09:01PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> jacobobobobo
[09:01PM] <Mayb> 49 and risin
[09:01PM] <Warlock_Society> same here
[09:01PM] <ChrisCheney> all torn down: we dont really know what the albums gonna sound like but one said is probably not the best indication because we have a lot more heavier songs, so it could go anyway.
[09:01PM] <Romi> chris, can u do me a favour and say: "I LOVE YOU, ROMI"?
[09:01PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> INTO THE RED! RAWWWWWWWWK \m/
[09:01PM] <Jake_TLE> stephenenen!!
[09:01PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:01PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> omg
[09:01PM] <Jess_Kase> awww
[09:01PM] <Warlock_Society> 2 am so sleepy
[09:01PM] <Romi> u dont have a best theyre all amazing
[09:01PM] <chit> How long till Sydney gigs non BDO?
[09:01PM] <Dom_Sweeney> far out romi you're obsessed hahaha
[09:01PM] <Roquex> I'ts 2:01 in Los Angales
[09:01PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> lol
[09:01PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahaha stick it to tha man Dom
[09:01PM] <Romi> HAHA I KNOW
[09:01PM] <Roquex> am
[09:01PM] <Mayb> hehe
[09:01PM] <ChrisCheney> Wake u Warlock:
[09:01PM] <jessrocker> yur dad likes the living end jesskase? so does my mom. she's one hip lady
[09:01PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - how r chris and scott treating you! great i hope!
[09:01PM] <Warlock_Society> lol
[09:01PM] <Mayb> not even im silly enough to ask that romi
[09:01PM] <Mayb> lol
[09:01PM] <ChrisCheney> WAKE UP WARLOCK!
[09:01PM] <DAveeeee> hey CHRIS, you dont want to take me to a gig as a soundy do ya??????
[09:01PM] <AllTornDown> yes i like the hevier stuff with a bit of balls to said to the other is still a very strong come back
[09:01PM] <Cris> dom can you say I love you christen?
[09:01PM] <Jess_Kase> mum likes them as well!
[09:01PM] <Cris> hahahaha jk
[09:01PM] <West_End_Riot> Ey chris u LIke MUSE?
[09:01PM] <Dsprngboy> i just woke up :P
[09:01PM] <jessrocker> nice
[09:01PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I love you christen?
[09:02PM] <Dom_Sweeney> :D
[09:02PM] <Warlock_Society> too tired from a long day
[09:02PM] <jessrocker> i love muse
[09:02PM] <Fellas> Well, can you blame Romi, she is in the presence of the master himself
[09:02PM] <unknown_69_> i sat at home all day
[09:02PM] <sarah2> lol
[09:02PM] <Cris> *giggles*
[09:02PM] <Andy_Strachan> yeah im still hear!,sorry im so slowwwww
[09:02PM] <jason_zarps> So CHRIS tell me mate. Whats the guitar work gonna be like on the next album? You gonna have a diff range of of guitars, or are you pretty much just using the white Falcon??
[09:02PM] <Jess_Kase> awww andy
[09:02PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:02PM] <Warlock_Society> the only thing that could wake me up is if i found out that the living end will be playing gigs in LA
[09:02PM] <Dsprngboy> :)
[09:02PM] <Mayb> is Em around? Hi if she is.
[09:02PM] <ChrisCheney> I love MUSE! the cover of rising sun is brilliant - what a voice.
[09:02PM] <Jake_TLE> hey chris, i am trying to put together a show for the time while you guys are recording here in california, are you guys against playing pizza places for little money?
[09:02PM] <pavementoyster> ANDY - that's alright we all gotta start somewhere
[09:02PM] <Cris> Chris Cheney. I think you should say 'Turn" for us folks at home.
[09:02PM] <Warlock_Society> yes
[09:02PM] <Warlock_Society> yes
[09:02PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris u like nirvana?
[09:02PM] <West_End_Riot> KOOL
[09:02PM] <Warlock_Society> thats a good idea
[09:02PM] <Warlock_Society> jake
[09:02PM] <Roquex> Hey...Andy...what's your favorite band!!
[09:02PM] <ChrisCheney> I'll use whatever guitars suit the songs.
[09:02PM] <tle_gurl> CHRIS - what do u think of TOOL?
[09:02PM] <DAveeeee> hey CHRIS, you dont want to take me to a gig as a soundy do ya??????
[09:02PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> Chris: Hows missymoo and Andy: do you have a cute bunny too? 
[09:03PM] <everady> so when is a dvd coming out chris
[09:03PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> 49 MAY!
[09:03PM] <ChrisCheney> Turn
[09:03PM] <Warlock_Society> any guitar? how about a bc rich warlock?
[09:03PM] <Andy_Strachan> no plans 4 nye
[09:03PM] <Mayb> this is insane again
[09:03PM] <tle_gurl> yay dvd
[09:03PM] <tle_gurl> there's so many ppl on
[09:03PM] <Fellas> How do you know which guitar suits which song?
[09:03PM] <Jess_Kase> chris what where your intial thoughts when you heard about joe strummers death? RIP
[09:03PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> aww close
[09:03PM] <Jake_TLE> is andy in here too?
[09:03PM] <Cris> thank you sir
[09:03PM] <Jake_TLE> whoa
[09:03PM] <ChrisCheney> Warlock: my metal head days are way way behind me.
[09:03PM] <pressure_tested> what time are you playing at the big day out?
[09:03PM] <DAveeeee> hey CHRIS, you dont want to take me to a gig as a soundy do ya??????
[09:03PM] <West_End_Riot> lol
[09:03PM] <Mayb> DAveeeee - once is enough
[09:03PM] <KeithMoonLives> Ohhh, so many messsages! {faints}
[09:03PM] <pressure_tested> no he does not DAveeeee belive it or not
[09:03PM] <tle_gurl> how many times have u asked that now? ur determined!
[09:03PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:03PM] <jessrocker> very persistant
[09:03PM] <Warlock_Society> once a metalhead always a metalhead
[09:04PM] <Warlock_Society> you'll be back
[09:04PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Chris: have you seen the Runaway Boys mp3 site?
[09:04PM] <ChrisCheney> Jess: I couldnt believe someone so full of life and young could die the way he did.
[09:04PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris do u liek nirvana
[09:04PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ehehe
[09:04PM] <tle_gurl> mmmm.... metal
[09:04PM] <Jess_Kase> awwww *pats chris on the back*
[09:04PM] <Warlock_Society> everyone likes nirvana
[09:04PM] <Romi> who dies?
[09:04PM] <Cris> Chris do you listen to cKy?
[09:04PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:04PM] <Fellas> not everyone
[09:04PM] <Warlock_Society> how could you say that
[09:04PM] <West_End_Riot> \M/
[09:04PM] <tle_gurl> i just bought that kurt cobain journal book today
[09:04PM] <AllTornDown> NIRVANA are over rated
[09:04PM] <Cris> nirvana sucks.
[09:04PM] <West_End_Riot> true
[09:04PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Nirvana are gone
[09:04PM] <Warlock_Society> fellas god will smack you down
[09:04PM] <Fellas> The are ok, but only ok
[09:04PM] <Dom_Sweeney> let them go
[09:04PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> katies agreeing here
[09:04PM] <Dsprngboy> oh good im feeling dizzy :|
[09:04PM] <ChrisCheney> Hows the journal book tle girl?
[09:04PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> of course she is arns
[09:04PM] <Fellas> yeah, that'll happen
[09:04PM] <tle_gurl> yeah, interesting
[09:04PM] <Warlock_Society> agh he reads our posts
[09:05PM] <Jess_Kase> are you gonna ever play any clash songs as a tribute?
[09:05PM] <Jake_TLE> any rating is over rating for nirvana
[09:05PM] <Andy_Strachan> zarps,FUCK YEAH!!!!!
[09:05PM] <Dsprngboy> Dom_Sweeney good bands are never gone
[09:05PM] <Warlock_Society> he knows about your journal book
[09:05PM] <nirvana_punk_182> they shuld have never published it its an invasion of his privacy
[09:05PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:05PM] <Romi> DO A COVER FOR 'I AM AUSTRALIAN' LIke the telstra add
[09:05PM] <Cris> yeah but nirvana wasn't good therefore they are GONE
[09:05PM] <Jess_Kase> yeah...i mean if there anything love of kurt to sell?
[09:05PM] <Jake_TLE> jarrof!
[09:05PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> THATS THE 50!!!!!!
[09:05PM] <Jake_TLE> jarrod!
[09:05PM] <Jess_Kase> left not love
[09:05PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> ooooooooooo benne look! its ernie ;)
[09:05PM] <judden> chris.............ur a champ
[09:05PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hey jazz
[09:05PM] <Fellas> True that Cris
[09:05PM] <Dsprngboy> that's your opinioin
[09:05PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Dsprngboy: yeah I have to agree with you on that.. sorry :/
[09:05PM] <Mayb> more than even
[09:05PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> no its not arns :P~
[09:05PM] <AllTornDown> the best rockin band out right now are the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE,then the living end
[09:05PM] <Dsprngboy> Dom_Sweeney :)
[09:05PM] <ChrisCheney> I think another aussie band plans to play a clash song on BDO, so we might give it a miss.
[09:05PM] <pressure_tested> chris: what time are you playing at bdo? 3rd last? 4th last?
[09:05PM] <tle_gurl> it shows how much he chops and changes the words to his songs before the final product, and it's all about coming up with ideas for video clips, etc... and it's got letters and stuff
[09:05PM] <Jess_Kase> ah ok
[09:05PM] <Gibbsy> hello....i see some people remember me in here :)
[09:06PM] <Warlock_Society> no way queens ofthe stone age is over rated
[09:06PM] <Cris> yeah Queens of the fucking Stone Age.
[09:06PM] <BrAZz> l
[09:06PM] <KrIsSy^^> gotta go everyone....byes chris.....byes andy
[09:06PM] <nirvana_punk_182> wats your favorite clash album chrs?
[09:06PM] <Warlock_Society> they're over played here in the states
[09:06PM] <Mayb> AllTornDown - wrong
[09:06PM] <Romi> after the living end!
[09:06PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> hi jarrod :) im in melbs..long time no see
[09:06PM] <tle_gurl> be krissy
[09:06PM] <Jake_TLE> hey, why does everyone like this queens of the stone age?
[09:06PM] <ChrisCheney> pressure: all i know is that we are playing late afternoon.
[09:06PM] <Gibbsy> looks like my timings okay :D
[09:06PM] <Warlock_Society> the living end will always be my favorite band
[09:06PM] <Cris> qotsa overrated? do you have any of their cds?!
[09:06PM] <Jess_Kase> hey u guys nearly up to 50! as we predicted
[09:06PM] <Mayb> TLE first - always!!!!
[09:06PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Andy: what model commodore do you drive?
[09:06PM] <Fellas> Queens of the stone age may be overated, but they are still pretty darn good
[09:06PM] <tle_gurl> i'm so shattered about the overage gigs
[09:06PM] <unknown_69_> they're pretty good
[09:06PM] <Andy_Strachan> chit,not verry well
[09:06PM] <Dsprngboy> i don't really like QOTSA... dunno why
[09:06PM] <Roll_Roll_On> hello guys
[09:06PM] <West_End_Riot> YEH
[09:06PM] <AllTornDown> yeah i do
[09:06PM] <Cris> yeah well TLE has been my fav band for 4 years.
[09:06PM] <ChrisCheney> Romi: im looking forward to seeing the vines i think their albums a killer.
[09:06PM] <katty> chris -- what are some of your fave aussie bands at the moment?
[09:06PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - you gotta get scott's lazy ass onto some internet access'
[09:07PM] <Warlock_Society> aren't you playing with them chris?>
[09:07PM] <tle_gurl> yes.... scott!
[09:07PM] <Jess_Kase> same..since i heard prisoner of society back when i was a teenager
[09:07PM] <BrAZz> imgoin
[09:07PM] <West_End_Riot> CHRIS DO U WATCH JACKASS?
[09:07PM] <unknown_69_> I loved tle since i was 7!!
[09:07PM] <Mayb> im gonna have to read the log - this is nuts
[09:07PM] <Cris> Chris Cheney - do you like cKy?
[09:07PM] <Dsprngboy> what about THE HIVES !! :D
[09:07PM] <BrAZz> have fun with the music chrissi dude
[09:07PM] <KeithMoonLives> Jackass rocks!
[09:07PM] <BrAZz> ur a mad cunt
[09:07PM] <AllTornDown> the vines are good
[09:07PM] <Dom_Sweeney> craig nicholls is a champ - bit of a freak too
[09:07PM] <Cris> dont ask about jackass
[09:07PM] <Romi> VINES ROCK
[09:07PM] <West_End_Riot> OK
[09:07PM] <pavementoyster> the hives are awesome
[09:07PM] <Dsprngboy> think so too :)
[09:07PM] <chit> Chris - Did you write Strange?
[09:07PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> im not doin the log this time kids... i did it last time and may did it the time before. Someone else should do it
[09:07PM] <ChrisCheney> Katty: sleep jackson, eskimo joe.
[09:07PM] <Romi> HOWS queens of the stonage's album?
[09:07PM] <tle_gurl> chris OR andy - when u get back from LA... u have to play AS MANY aussie gigs as possible!
[09:07PM] <Fellas> Vines are Pretty good, a bit too crazy looking for my liking though...........
[09:07PM] <Jess_Kase> Question for andy and chris: im currently up to my 3rd copy of the self titled album cause my first and second got stolen. Whats the one album you couldnt live without?
[09:07PM] <sarah2> Chris & Andy: i don't know how u guys keep up with this cos i'm lost!!
[09:07PM] <Andy_Strachan> ta,jess!
[09:07PM] <ChrisCheney> Ive seen jackass a few times in the states a while ago. it was pretty out there.
[09:07PM] <Cris> romi - qotsa's new album is amazing
[09:08PM] <nirvana_punk_182> andy do u miss plaiyng with pollyanna
[09:08PM] <West_End_Riot> LOL
[09:08PM] <kristen_22> hi everyone!
[09:08PM] <ChrisCheney> chit: indeed i did write strange.
[09:08PM] <West_End_Riot> :p
[09:08PM] <West_End_Riot> BRB
[09:08PM] <Cris> .bam.margera.makes.jackass.good.
[09:08PM] <metal_matt> What advice can you give to bands that want to follow in your footsteps?
[09:08PM] <jason_zarps> ANY intstrumentals gonna be on this new album CHRIS? Looking foward to em after hearing Closing In!!
[09:08PM] <ChrisCheney> sarah: dont follow us we're lost too.
[09:08PM] <AllTornDown> how do you put a solo to a song.what guitarists do you look up to!
[09:08PM] <West_End_Riot> LUV YA CHRIS & ANDY
[09:08PM] <Andy_Strachan> hey tle gurl!!!
[09:08PM] <West_End_Riot> MWAH
[09:08PM] <KeithMoonLives> Bam Margera's a nut! lol!
[09:08PM] <Mayb> Chris, Andy: forgetting the rest of the list - do xBulletTheBlueStephenx and i get to here Stay Away From Me or So Lonely?????
[09:08PM] <tle_gurl> hey hey andy! :D :D :D
[09:08PM] <nirvana_punk_182> whchris do u guys have a date for the single to be released in north america?
[09:08PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> YEAHHHHHHHHH
[09:08PM] <sarah2> AndY: what sort of music do u like playing the most - besides all TLe tunes, lol
[09:08PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> ive been waiting so long to hear Stay Away From Me
[09:08PM] <jessrocker> chris: who's your favorite lord of the rings character?
[09:08PM] <Fellas> Nice one jason_zarps, nice one indeed
[09:08PM] <Roll_Roll_On> chris - whats your view on people downloading music for free, does it piss you off
[09:08PM] <ChrisCheney> metal mat: find what you want to do and stick with it.
[09:08PM] <chit> When can Aussies see you play non BDO
[09:08PM] <Warlock_Society> ye us americans want the single to come out sooner
[09:08PM] <tle_gurl> hey andy - do u surf?
[09:09PM] <Jake_TLE> to hear stay away from me live would be too much for me to handle
[09:09PM] <ChrisCheney> ANDY: BREATHE.....
[09:09PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:09PM] <Dsprngboy> one day i want to play with my band in a real gig :]
[09:09PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> play Stay Away From Me at the Geelong gig and you will see a madman in action
[09:09PM] <Warlock_Society> lol
[09:09PM] <Mayb> haha
[09:09PM] <Romi> is any one obsesed with mathcbox at the moment? CHRIS: you like them?
[09:09PM] <Ben> uh.. we got a cloner in here
[09:09PM] <Fellas> Hahahahaha
[09:09PM] <tle_gurl> there's so many ppl onlin
[09:09PM] <AllTornDown> the living end are going to take america by storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:09PM] <Dom_Sweeney> romi is obsessed with chris cheney
[09:09PM] <DrPhiL> not gonna happen dsprngboy
[09:09PM] <Romi> yes i am
[09:09PM] <Dom_Sweeney> monday something rock
[09:09PM] <Jess_Kase> hey chris my sis says to tell u that in the booklet to roll on you look like edward scissor hands (i dont see how someone with scissors for hands could play guitar)
[09:09PM] <unknown_69_> I am to
[09:09PM] <Dsprngboy> thanks DrPhiL
[09:09PM] <Dom_Sweeney> not
[09:09PM] <DAveeeee> hey chris, can i go to one of your gigs and watch the sound guys???
[09:09PM] <Mayb> Andy_Strachan - its ok, this is madness even for us regulars
[09:09PM] <Guest91918> I Love matchbox!!!
[09:09PM] <Cris> cris is obsessed with dom sweeney
[09:09PM] <Dsprngboy> i appreciate that.
[09:09PM] <Trav> lol dom
[09:09PM] <Cris> ahahaha
[09:10PM] <Cris> i can't help it
[09:10PM] <ChrisCheney> I thikn the cloning thing is really f'in freaky... what next?
[09:10PM] <Guest91918> monday rulz..
[09:10PM] <Cris> travis!!!!!
[09:10PM] <Trav> CRIS!!
[09:10PM] <Romi> true.. truee
[09:10PM] <Cris> haha he said f'n
[09:10PM] <Warlock_Society> haha
[09:10PM] <Cris> i love doing that
[09:10PM] <Fellas> wow!!!!!!!!111
[09:10PM] <Ezekiel> eh
[09:10PM] <metal_matt> Who is the best band you've toured with?
[09:10PM] <Cris> travvv how are you?
[09:10PM] <Fellas> excitement +
[09:10PM] <unknown_69_> i love blood on ya hands!
[09:10PM] <nirvana_punk_182> is the new album going to sound more like the living end or roll on?
[09:10PM] <Romi> im want them to clone hitler, then torcher him....
[09:10PM] <Roll_Roll_On> can u put what would you do on the new album, plz
[09:10PM] <DAveeeee> i knew one of your sound engineers that toured on your bus in england with you, you know Bek Varcoe???????
[09:10PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha thanks cris..
[09:10PM] <Mayb> monday something do rock Dom
[09:10PM] <pavementoyster> yeah cloning was dangerous as star wars 2 showed us... so many kiwis
[09:10PM] * Trav humps you know who and you know what ;)
[09:10PM] <pavementoyster> :)
[09:10PM] <Cris> roll on that was just idiotic
[09:10PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> thanks jake.......few more would be good too 
[09:10PM] <ChrisCheney> Metal: its pretty hard to top the ACDC tour, that was a bit of dream come true.
[09:10PM] <Mayb> haha
[09:10PM] <Roll_Roll_On> why
[09:10PM] * Cris hugs trav
[09:10PM] <Trav> im goodly cris hows you?
[09:11PM] <Dsprngboy> Chris, did you play with Green Day before they were on Goat Island ? 
[09:11PM] <chit> Andy - How long you been drummin'?
[09:11PM] <Dom_Sweeney> thanks mayb LOL
[09:11PM] <Romi> CHRIS: really what u think of matchbox 20?
[09:11PM] <tbwf> is there going to be an australian release of the song book...only in japan?
[09:11PM] <Warlock_Society> you toured with acdc? when that must have kick ass
[09:11PM] <Roll_Roll_On> it's a b side, but it should be on the new album
[09:11PM] <Cris> good its 5 am hahaha.
[09:11PM] <Mayb> hehe
[09:11PM] <tle_gurl> this is crazy
[09:11PM] <Dom_Sweeney> we've gone all melodic now with our new vocalist, lotsa harmonies :P
[09:11PM] <Trav> oohh early
[09:11PM] <pavementoyster> ANDY - what brand drum kit do you use?
[09:11PM] <ChrisCheney> I think the new album is gonna sound more like a three piece band playing in a room as opposed to the living end using a big recording studio, does that make sense?
[09:11PM] <metal_matt> I saw that was one of the best gigs I've must've been an experience of a lifetime!
[09:11PM] <Andy_Strachan> fellas,i dont have 1 particular style of music .as long as its got energy and grooooove
[09:11PM] <jessrocker> yeah
[09:11PM] <Guest91918> excellent!!!
[09:11PM] <pavementoyster> perfect sense
[09:11PM] <tle_gurl> yeah, that made sense
[09:11PM] <Warlock_Society> kind of like the prisoner of society video?
[09:11PM] <Jess_Kase> andy whats the one cd you couldnt live without (mines the elf titled album by tle currently up to my third copy )
[09:11PM] <Dom_Sweeney> you made no sense whatsoever. just kidding
[09:11PM] <Dsprngboy> :/
[09:11PM] <Jake_TLE> hahahaha
[09:12PM] <Jess_Kase> yeah chris that makes sense
[09:12PM] <DAveeeee> i knew one of your sound engineers that toured on your bus in england with you, you know Bek Varcoe???????
[09:12PM] <nirvana_punk_182> ya thats awesome
[09:12PM] <Cris> Chris and Andy - wanted to thank you two for coming here on this beautiful day.
[09:12PM] <jason_zarps> OIY CHRIS, here is the deal! If you play Monday, Stay Away from Me and All torn down one after the other at the melb BDO, I will delibratly jump on stage, and get decked by the security guards. HOWS THAT??!!
[09:12PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - do u have a dog?
[09:12PM] <Jerri_Away> it's just too confusing now :S so i'm gone for a while
[09:12PM] <Cris> i wanna be your dog
[09:12PM] <Guest91918> hahaha...
[09:12PM] <Romi> CHRIS N ANDY: next time u come on the net this room will be 5 times as full if that is possible
[09:12PM] <Andy_Strachan> 2am!,
[09:12PM] <tle_gurl> oh no
[09:12PM] <ChrisCheney> I think the new libertines album is kickarse.
[09:12PM] <TLErule> hey
[09:12PM] <Dom_Sweeney> see ya jez
[09:12PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> bullshit
[09:12PM] <AllTornDown> TRAV went i heard because he said the songs didnt sound like his song sounds just like him???
[09:12PM] <TLErule> are you guys going
[09:12PM] <Warlock_Society> 2 12 am
[09:12PM] <Mayb> libertines rock!
[09:12PM] <Romi> chris u in melbourne now?
[09:12PM] <Dom_Sweeney> haha libertines are mad
[09:12PM] <Cris> haha being invisible is COOL
[09:12PM] <tle_gurl> who's going to the sliverchair gig in melbourne?
[09:12PM] <jessrocker> 3:12 am here in colorado
[09:12PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> this room is way too packed now, no one can keep up
[09:12PM] <Warlock_Society> ye where are you right now chris?
[09:13PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I swear he sounds like Weller in U.T.B!!
[09:13PM] <Warlock_Society> i can keep up
[09:13PM] <Jess_Kase> silverchair sold out in 6 mins here in perth
[09:13PM] <Guest91918> the silverchair gig would be awesome...
[09:13PM] <ChrisCheney> Yes we are all at home in Melbourne.
[09:13PM] <tle_gurl> yeah
[09:13PM] <Cris> Chris Cheney do you listen to cKy?
[09:13PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> well arent u clever
[09:13PM] <Roll_Roll_On> who is the chik that appears in the one said to the other video
[09:13PM] <Mayb> nah dom, daver mccormick
[09:13PM] <Cris> emma
[09:13PM] <Mayb> lol
[09:13PM] <tle_gurl> i'm going on the sunday
[09:13PM] <pavementoyster> gotta be a fast reader that's for damn sure
[09:13PM] <TLErule> screw silverchair TLE will be awesome at the BDO
[09:13PM] <Cris> roll - chris' gf emma
[09:13PM] <Dom_Sweeney> PAUL WELLER!!
[09:13PM] <DAveeeee> im going to the pearl jam concert!! 4th row seats baby!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:13PM] <Romi> come over
[09:13PM] <tle_gurl> but i can't go to BDO
[09:13PM] <ChrisCheney> pardon my ignorance, but what is cKy?
[09:13PM] <Mayb> DAVE McCORMICK!
[09:13PM] <unknown_69_> lucky
[09:13PM] <Mayb> lol
[09:13PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha
[09:13PM] <Romi> yeee
[09:13PM] <Andy_Strachan> tle gurl,they r treating me verry well!
[09:13PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> im on holidays in melbourne and its awesssssssommmmee
[09:13PM] <tle_gurl> ouch, pearl jam would be great
[09:14PM] <pavementoyster> a radio station would be my guess
[09:14PM] <Cris> Chris - a band you should check out :)
[09:14PM] <tle_gurl> glad to hear it andy!
[09:14PM] <Warlock_Society> a band formed by bam margeras little brother and friends
[09:14PM] <Jess_Kase> ive never been to any concerts... except for *coughs bryanaddams cough*
[09:14PM] <tle_gurl> also glad to see ur catching up!
[09:14PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:14PM] <Dsprngboy> cky has few catchy songs
[09:14PM] <AllTornDown> silver chair whent way over the top with diorama,or maybe i just didnt get it.!
[09:14PM] <Jake_TLE> cKy just sounds like another cologne
[09:14PM] <Cris> warlock - bam's OLDER brother
[09:14PM] <Dom_Sweeney> chris you should buy a nissan skyline
[09:14PM] <TLErule> screw pearl jam
[09:14PM] <DAveeeee> i knew one of your sound engineers that toured on your bus in england with you, you know Bek Varcoe???????
[09:14PM] <Warlock_Society> they play the most common jackass theme song
[09:14PM] <KeithMoonLives> Y'know what we need? Another rock n roll revolution, led know who..
[09:14PM] <Cris> cky=camp kill yourself
[09:14PM] <ChrisCheney> chris: will do.
[09:14PM] <Romi> andy- u gotta a girlfriend?
[09:14PM] <Gibbsy> Skyline = POS
[09:14PM] <Jess_Kase> geez daveeee what is with u and soundchecks?
[09:14PM] <tle_gurl> i'd love to see metallica live! ...playing their old stuff
[09:14PM] <Warlock_Society> oops my mistake cris
[09:14PM] <sarah2> nissan skyline...pft!!
[09:14PM] <Dsprngboy> the who ?
[09:14PM] <pavementoyster> oh romi... come on... from one to the other? :P
[09:14PM] <Dom_Sweeney> skyline = prisoner of society?
[09:14PM] <DAveeeee> well has he answered?
[09:14PM] <Dom_Sweeney> :P
[09:14PM] <Mayb> have to agree with ya sarah2
[09:14PM] <KeithMoonLives> Hah, them too.
[09:14PM] <tle_gurl> I'm seeing A Perfect Circle next year!
[09:14PM] <TLErule> hey guys wat songs are you playing at BDo new ones or old ones
[09:14PM] <bennyD> is it definetly em in the filmclip???
[09:14PM] <Cris> ew why why why
[09:14PM] <Fellas> Hey Chris, is it True that Prisoner of Society was in the charts for nearly an entire year?
[09:14PM] <pavementoyster> skyline = broke from parts and service :)
[09:14PM] <KeithMoonLives> TLE would be perfect for a revolution!
[09:14PM] <Mayb> wasnt it a corolla Dom?
[09:14PM] <Roll_Roll_On> pearl jam rules
[09:14PM] <Guest91918> hahah
[09:15PM] <DrPhiL> peral jam suck arse
[09:15PM] <Dom_Sweeney> a corolla?
[09:15PM] <TLErule> yep
[09:15PM] <Dom_Sweeney> huh?
[09:15PM] <Niss> hey Matt
[09:15PM] <pressure_tested> hey chris just letting you know we are all doin a great job with your stret teaming! thanks for signing the letters!
[09:15PM] <tle_gurl> i wish i could go to the Geelong gig.... being under really sucks.... so close!!!!
[09:15PM] <ChrisCheney> TLE Rule: we are playing a bunch of oldies and a bunch of newies.
[09:15PM] <sarah2> pavementtoyster: that is all that u get from a nissan
[09:15PM] <Cris> mayb dom trav niss save me.
[09:15PM] <Romi> pavementoyster: what was that?
[09:15PM] <Jess_Kase> Chris hey just wondering is the song Uncle Harry based on a actual relative?
[09:15PM] <TLErule> Excellent
[09:15PM] <DrPhiL> over rated pieces of...
[09:15PM] * Dom_Sweeney saves cris
[09:15PM] <Cris> Chris - would you ever play Table Top Show at a gig or what?!
[09:15PM] <Warlock_Society> u guys should stop asking what theyre playing at BDO at least you know that they're playing around your homes, i'm lucky if TLE decides to play while staying here in LA
[09:15PM] <DrPhiL> hey nissy *waves*
[09:15PM] <pavementoyster> sarah2 - hell yes.
[09:15PM] <Guest91918> yeah thanks heaps guys!!! we all really appreciate the street team signing
[09:15PM] <unknown_69_> i've got an uncle called harry
[09:15PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I want a silvia
[09:15PM] <tle_gurl> how's emma?
[09:15PM] <Mayb> Cris - good Q!
[09:15PM] <jason_zarps> Alright Chris, here's another proposal for you. If I run out onto the stage at big Day Out, and get decked by the security guards, I get to have a jam session with the Band. Deal!!??
[09:15PM] <ChrisCheney> pressure tested: thank you so much to you and all the other street teamers, we are blown away by the response and the support from you guys.
[09:15PM] <pavementoyster> romi - never mind i was just taking the piss :)
[09:15PM] <Andy_Strachan> roquex ,so many awsome bands,couldnt choose a fav
[09:15PM] <TLErule> yeah im in the street team to
[09:15PM] <Jess_Kase> warlock atleast u get good bands here in perth we only get the big day out for decent bands
[09:15PM] <Romi> yeah i get itt..
[09:16PM] <AllTornDown> have you regreted anything that has gone on the last 2 albums
[09:16PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - we love to spread the word :)
[09:16PM] <AllTornDown> ?
[09:16PM] <TLErule> i framed the letter because it was personally signed by you guys
[09:16PM] <nirvana_punk_182> andy who is your biggest influence
[09:16PM] <Romi> my heart is still with chris though
[09:16PM] <Cris> Chris - would you ever play Table Top Show at a gig or what?!
[09:16PM] <Romi> but he's taken :(
[09:16PM] <pavementoyster> LOL
[09:16PM] <nirvana_punk_182> like musically
[09:16PM] <tle_gurl> yes.... the letter was a mighty fine touch
[09:16PM] <Dom_Sweeney> yeah ChrisCheney - thanks for signing the letters! Must have been painstaking!
[09:16PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:16PM] <Mayb> haha yeah
[09:16PM] <tbwf> table top show would be kool
[09:16PM] <ChrisCheney> jason: its a deal, but i wouldnt like to see you try and take on any of the BDO security, they're normally fairly large.
[09:16PM] <unknown_69_> yea
[09:16PM] <Romi> do a gig in the city so i can friggen get there!
[09:16PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> lmao
[09:16PM] <pavementoyster> romi - oh well you'll just have to wait and see
[09:16PM] <tle_gurl> but much apprectiated
[09:16PM] <Cris> dom are you being sarcastic
[09:16PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> Dom behave urself :P
[09:16PM] <Trav> speaking of the ST i got my parcel today woot woot
[09:16PM] <Warlock_Society> hey at least you guys got letters
[09:16PM] <Dom_Sweeney> nup
[09:16PM] <Andy_Strachan> katie,2 fish no bunny.........yet
[09:17PM] <Cris> hehe dom
[09:17PM] <unknown_69_> how
[09:17PM] <Guest91918> u know what your gonna do trav?
[09:17PM] <ChrisCheney> Dom: we ended up having to sign quite a few but its all good, the more the merrier.
[09:17PM] <Warlock_Society> american street team members of the world unite
[09:17PM] <KeithMoonLives> I'm too sozzled for this! [passes out]
[09:17PM] <Cris> hey dom remember when we met each other here?
[09:17PM] <AllTornDown> hey ANDY I heard you liked the foo fighters
[09:17PM] <Trav> yeah
[09:17PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahah true that!
[09:17PM] <Cris> ages ago
[09:17PM] <Jake_TLE> hey they left us out of the street teaming over here in california for now...that sucks
[09:17PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> you should get a bunny andy :) theyre so adorabke
[09:17PM] <tle_gurl> will there be any chance of getting to meet u guys at the geelong gig?
[09:17PM] <pavementoyster> the fooies are great!
[09:17PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> adorable too lol
[09:17PM] <Cris> i was 14?
[09:17PM] <Romi> ANDY u goin out with any one?
[09:17PM] <Trav> just the whole recored store rounds
[09:17PM] <Jess_Kase> i tired to join the street team buts its temporaily not accpeting aussie members
[09:17PM] <Warlock_Society> we californians are people too
[09:17PM] <Mayb> <Guest91918> u know what your gonna do trav? <<----trav in this chat isnt ex-tle trav
[09:17PM] <ChrisCheney> Keith Moon Lives.
[09:17PM] <Cris> Chris - would you ever play Table Top Show at a gig or what?!
[09:17PM] <KeithMoonLives> Hell yeah!
[09:17PM] <Dsprngboy> Andy, u like Dave Grohl's style ? :=)
[09:17PM] <Trav> maybe drop a copy of the promo cd off to the 4ZZZ
[09:17PM] <Cris> mooning lives
[09:17PM] <Dom_Sweeney> they should get a tabletop dancer as well! :P
[09:18PM] <unknown_69_> lol
[09:18PM] <AllTornDown> this is the only time anyone gets in this room!!!!
[09:18PM] <Mayb> Romi - yes he has a gf
[09:18PM] <Cris> i'll drop you something trav
[09:18PM] <tle_gurl> I am in love with taylor hawkins! lol
[09:18PM] <Guest91918> i asked him about the street team.. what hes gonna do with the pack..
[09:18PM] <Romi> ohh
[09:18PM] <Jess_Kase> i come in here all the time
[09:18PM] <Warlock_Society> how about john entwhistle? he was in the same band
[09:18PM] * Cris is feeling frisky
[09:18PM] <Romi> JK
[09:18PM] <Trav> haha cris *blushes*
[09:18PM] <KeithMoonLives> Ohh, I miss John
[09:18PM] <Romi> I LOVE YOU CHRIS
[09:18PM] <Guest91918> yeah, that would be sweet.. im thinking of tv..!
[09:18PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris wat was it lie touring with blink 182,4
[09:18PM] <ChrisCheney> Cris: yes we would play tabletop show at a gig, maybe we'll pull it out soon.
[09:18PM] <jason_zarps> CHRIS: I wont try take the guards on. Ill just let them deck the shit out of me. lol!!!
[09:18PM] <AllTornDown> taylor hawkins almost died
[09:18PM] <Cris> blink - sucks
[09:18PM] <TLErule> CHRIs i know someone has probably asked this but where is scott tonight
[09:18PM] <tle_gurl> really?
[09:18PM] <Mayb> YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to tabletop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:18PM] <Fellas> Cris, you are a champ
[09:19PM] <Roll_Roll_On> bloody computers
[09:19PM] <Guest91918> yeah
[09:19PM] <Mayb> :D
[09:19PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> OLDSKOOL!!!
[09:19PM] <tle_gurl> YAY.... SCOTT!
[09:19PM] <Romi> hayooo
[09:19PM] <Cris> well Chris Cheney, i asked you to play it before and you said NO!!!!!!!!
[09:19PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:19PM] <AllTornDown> SCOT?
[09:19PM] <Romi> i luv u chris
[09:19PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> we should call this chump char..
[09:19PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> chat
[09:19PM] <tbwf> table top at bdo perhaps???
[09:19PM] <unknown_69_> i luv you chris
[09:19PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> god i cant type tonite
[09:19PM] <Romi> CHRIS AND ANDY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
[09:19PM] <metal_matt> What band has put the biggest influence on your life, musically
[09:19PM] <Jess_Kase> still havent pasted 50 users yet ;like we all predicted!!!
[09:19PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> onya arns
[09:19PM] <tle_gurl> i'm so jealous of anyone who can go to bdo
[09:19PM] <ChrisCheney> Scotts probably at teh pub keeping cool, his email is down at the moment.
[09:19PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> jess we had 54 before
[09:19PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:19PM] <Dom_Sweeney> haha thats the way
[09:19PM] <Mayb> it went to 54
[09:19PM] <Jess_Kase> geez i suck at typing i meant passed not pasted
[09:19PM] <Mayb> hehe
[09:19PM] <pressure_tested> we had 51 before
[09:19PM] <Warlock_Society> the band that has influenced me the most is TLE
[09:19PM] <Andy_Strachan> dom,its a
[09:19PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> we have 50 right now
[09:19PM] <Dsprngboy> scott is cool :I
[09:19PM] <AllTornDown> HEY GUYS WHATS YOUR FAV SONG TO PLAY LIVE,whats the hardest song to play live
[09:19PM] <Jess_Kase> ah well atleast scott will be having a good time
[09:19PM] <Jake_TLE> im gonna get some water...anyone want some?
[09:20PM] <unknown_69_> me
[09:20PM] <tbwf> yes plz
[09:20PM] <Trav> wait no stop talking everyone i need time to catch up
[09:20PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> Hey Chris, how'd you manage to get your hands on TWO Gretsches?!?!?
[09:20PM] <Warlock_Society> me
[09:20PM] <Dom_Sweeney> haha andy its a what?
[09:20PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> get some for Romi jake...
[09:20PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - how r u holding up with this?
[09:20PM] <jessrocker> yeah i'll take some
[09:20PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> yeah jake, just aim the hose at 80% of the channel
[09:20PM] <Romi> ANDY have u been in a big band like this before?
[09:20PM] <Cris> hardest carry me home?
[09:20PM] <KeithMoonLives> Water?! Send some this way!
[09:20PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> she needs coolin down i think lol
[09:20PM] <Jess_Kase> andy or chris seeing as your in melboune..did u go to the cricket?
[09:20PM] <ChrisCheney> warlock: its pretty hard for me to top the beatles. as far as influences go.
[09:20PM] <Jake_TLE> hahahhaha stephen
[09:20PM] <DrPhiL> polyanna hello
[09:20PM] <DrPhiL> :P
[09:20PM] <tle_gurl> calm thoughts.... 1, 2, 3, 4, deep breaths!
[09:20PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - was witchdoctor originaly written using a repeater - or did you play it that fast?
[09:20PM] <TLErule> scre the beatles TLE are the best
[09:20PM] <Andy_Strachan> dom, its a VP wagon
[09:20PM] <Ben> brb all, phone call
[09:20PM] <tle_gurl> ;p;
[09:20PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ohh ok!
[09:20PM] <AllTornDown> polyanna were great,ANDY WAS THE STAR
[09:20PM] <pavementoyster> the beatles are still cool though
[09:20PM] <Mayb> ahh
[09:20PM] <Dom_Sweeney> nice! I wanted one of those. Couldnt afford the petrol tho:P
[09:20PM] <Dsprngboy> i really like beatles
[09:20PM] <ChrisCheney> Jess, I didnt get to the cricket, but the aussies won though right? come on aussie come on.
[09:20PM] <pressure_tested> will the vynill be released in record stores for one said to the other? i wanna buy them allll!
[09:21PM] <Guest91918> haha
[09:21PM] <Jerri_Away> agreed pavementoyster
[09:21PM] <Cris> ahh
[09:21PM] <KeithMoonLives> Aussie aussie aussie!
[09:21PM] <DrPhiL> yeh just
[09:21PM] <nirvana_punk_182> CHris wat is your favorite living end album?
[09:21PM] <unknown_69_> aussies will always win the cricket!
[09:21PM] <AllTornDown> 2 many to choose from
[09:21PM] <AllTornDown> lol
[09:21PM] <Warlock_Society> dead silence
[09:21PM] <Guest91918> yeah, they kick ass
[09:21PM] <Dsprngboy> i've never even seen a kangaroo!!
[09:21PM] <Jess_Kase> chris i dont dad told me to ask that question but yes the ausssies won...and he says do u like the band the stray cats?
[09:21PM] <tle_gurl> aussies will always win everything
[09:21PM] <tbwf> poms did better though
[09:21PM] <unknown_69_> me too
[09:21PM] <Jess_Kase> shit green that was meant to be in red
[09:21PM] <TheGenerator> stray cats rule!
[09:21PM] <TLErule> of course he likes stray cats
[09:21PM] <tle_gurl> yup
[09:21PM] <tbwf> then usual that is
[09:21PM] <tle_gurl> :D
[09:21PM] <ChrisCheney> pressure tested: yes the vinyl is gonna be out soon and the artwork looks really good.
[09:21PM] <TLErule> everyone knows that
[09:21PM] <Mayb> Andy_Strachan: what did you think of TLE before the oppotunity to audition came about?
[09:21PM] <Guest91918> but the first innings.. comeon!!
[09:21PM] <pavementoyster> HAHAHAH that stray cats question is laughable
[09:21PM] <Romi> whos playing at fed square tomoz night? DOES ANY ONE KNOW?
[09:21PM] <KeithMoonLives> Yeah! Stray Cats! Setzer Rocks!
[09:22PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hmm...cant hear any setzer influences in TLE at all. pfft
[09:22PM] <sarah2> hey i have a 1966 falcon xp and it is going to be great plus love your new song!!!!!!!!
[09:22PM] <Fellas> Can't Say i know Stray cats
[09:22PM] <Andy_Strachan> sarah2,im more lost than u!!!!!!!!
[09:22PM] <Roll_Roll_On> aussies got no competition in cricket
[09:22PM] <sarah2> that was my boyf
[09:22PM] <AllTornDown> ANDY-FAV DRUMMERS???
[09:22PM] <Jess_Kase> *cries*
[09:22PM] <Guest91918> new zealand are looking all right
[09:22PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - you're doing just fine!
[09:22PM] <unknown_69_> CHRIS what footy, (afl), team do you go for????
[09:22PM] <Guest91918> against india
[09:22PM] <Gibbsy> bye bye people...ill try and drop around sometime soon. byebye.
[09:22PM] <tle_gurl> keep up the great work!
[09:22PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> later jazz
[09:22PM] <Jess_Kase> *hangs head in shame for asking a dumb question her dad asked*
[09:22PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> Niss, i know we've been together and apart now for a bit, on and off... and been thinking a LOT, so i figured i might try to do this at a time when lots of people will see so here goes... Will you marry me? 
[09:22PM] <Dom_Sweeney> see ya gibbs
[09:22PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> bye jarrod
[09:22PM] <tle_gurl> cheers gibbsy
[09:22PM] <Mayb> bye jazza
[09:22PM] <Dsprngboy> Chris, did you play with Green Day before they were on Goat Island ? 
[09:22PM] <ChrisCheney> bye gibbsy.
[09:22PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> LMAO
[09:22PM] <Dom_Sweeney> WOOOOO
[09:22PM] <Mayb> lol
[09:22PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:22PM] <Ezekiel> HAHAHAHA
[09:22PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> lmfao
[09:22PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> nancyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
[09:22PM] <Dom_Sweeney> lol
[09:22PM] <Jake_TLE> hey baby!!
[09:23PM] <tle_gurl> yay
[09:23PM] <Jake_TLE> :)
[09:23PM] <Warlock_Society> lol
[09:23PM] <Requiem> hey stephen!
[09:23PM] <Mayb> go sam
[09:23PM] <Guest91918> haha
[09:23PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> hey nancy
[09:23PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - was witchdoctor originaly written using a repeater or did you play it that fast?
[09:23PM] <Requiem> hi jakey
[09:23PM] <Niss> Sam...... course i will
[09:23PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> hehehe 
[09:23PM] <tle_gurl> :D oh yay
[09:23PM] <Dom_Sweeney> can I be on the honeymoon?
[09:23PM] <AllTornDown> its all going to fast
[09:23PM] <Requiem> hi katie and niss
[09:23PM] <Mayb> hey nance!
[09:23PM] <pavementoyster> JESS KASE - not laughing at you - just at the question
[09:23PM] <KeithMoonLives> Ooo!
[09:23PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> WOO 
[09:23PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:23PM] <Requiem> hello may
[09:23PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I'll be the elvis who weds you!
[09:23PM] <Cris> HEY is this a live chat with Monday Something?
[09:23PM] * Niss snuggles her boy
[09:23PM] <Requiem> and sam there or not
[09:23PM] <ChrisCheney> spring boy: yes we toured with greenday in 96 on the insomniac tour.
[09:23PM] <unknown_69_> CHRIS what afl footy team do you go 4?
[09:23PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris could you jus say mark mclennan
[09:23PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> OMG IS MONDAY SOMETHING HERE???
[09:23PM] <Dom_Sweeney> yeah yeah Hi this is Dom from Monday Something.. living end rock!
[09:23PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - u right?
[09:23PM] <hectorflo> hey there chris and andy! chris, what do you think of the CURE
[09:23PM] <Jess_Kase> dont laugh at us but feel free to laugh at my dad *points finger to dad and giggles*
[09:23PM] <Romi> I met nathan buckley like yesturday
[09:23PM] <TLErule> Do you guys like Rage Against The Machine
[09:23PM] <pavementoyster> WOOOOOOOOOOOO THE CURE!!!
[09:24PM] <Warlock_Society> ratm rock
[09:24PM] <Cris> AHH dom can i have your autograph
[09:24PM] <Dsprngboy> oh god :) wish i would see you guys playing together :))
[09:24PM] <ChrisCheney> unkknown 69: i dont but if i had to choose, id probably choose.. it would be essedon.
[09:24PM] <tle_gurl> OOOOO..... TLE should host rage!!!! ...again!
[09:24PM] <bennyD> where is the best place that u have played
[09:24PM] <Andy_Strachan> 182, i miss matt and rayke but im stoked to b playing with scotty and chris
[09:24PM] <Ezekiel> do you like pickled eggs
[09:24PM] <Dsprngboy> 2 of my fav bands
[09:24PM] <Dom_Sweeney> sure cris whats your name?
[09:24PM] <sarah2> collingwood...pft
[09:24PM] <AllTornDown> hey chris-what do you think of WEEZER
[09:24PM] <Warlock_Society> rage broke to become audioslave
[09:24PM] <Mayb> xBulletTheBlueStephenx: TLE are just a a front for the real Monday Someething chat tonight
[09:24PM] <Mayb> :P
[09:24PM] <Cris> Alfred
[09:24PM] <TLErule> no shit
[09:24PM] <Dsprngboy> but you didn't came Finland then ?
[09:24PM] <Trav> omg are you serious sam?
[09:24PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> i thought so may ;)
[09:24PM] <Warlock_Society> my friend met rivers cuomo on friday
[09:24PM] <ChrisCheney> ezekiel cant say ive ever had a pickled egg..
[09:24PM] <AllTornDown> realy
[09:24PM] <Guest91918> audioslave are awesome
[09:24PM] <Fellas> WEEZER? hey are pretty good for a soft band
[09:24PM] <pavementoyster> mmmmm egg
[09:24PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha
[09:24PM] <Cris> finland! h.i.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:24PM] <Romi> EZEKIEL: do you have msn, and is your screeen name ezekial?
[09:24PM] <AllTornDown> soft
[09:24PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> \/\/
[09:24PM] <Dom_Sweeney> thanks D
[09:24PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY, U THERE?
[09:24PM] <AllTornDown> have you heard maladroit
[09:24PM] <ChrisCheney> all torn down: i think weezer are a brilliant band, really catchy pop songs.
[09:24PM] <Dsprngboy> Fellas, i lov weezer
[09:24PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> Ant: your in baby your in! lol
[09:24PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> Chris - how much did your Gretsches cost you?
[09:24PM] <pavementoyster> WOOOOO HJ's
[09:25PM] <Roll_Roll_On> noo foo fighters rock
[09:25PM] <Dsprngboy> Cris, yeah :D
[09:25PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> hypothetical question for Chris: if you could record one song with one other (living) lead singer/guitarist who would it be?
[09:25PM] <pavementoyster> i'm running on sooo little sleep here
[09:25PM] <tbwf> is there going to be an australian release of a tle score book
[09:25PM] <AllTornDown> you bet ya chris
[09:25PM] <Warlock_Society> weezer are too emo
[09:25PM] <Ezekiel> ROMI: i have msn, my screen name is not ezekial...i can spell better than that
[09:25PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris have you heard the band OK GO?
[09:25PM] <Cris> i love h.i.m.
[09:25PM] <Warlock_Society> sound like theyve been castrated
[09:25PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> emo is rawk
[09:25PM] <Requiem> it's pretty full in here
[09:25PM] <tle_gurl> who hasn't heard them!
[09:25PM] <Roll_Roll_On> chris - do you like metal bands
[09:25PM] <Andy_Strachan> lol,ROCK!!!
[09:25PM] <Jess_Kase> Chris hows your leg? personally i think u should stick that rod up the other drivers ass *nods*
[09:25PM] <kristen_22> Chris and Andy - what are your plans for new year's eve?
[09:25PM] <Romi> CHRIS: is queens of the stoneage a good album? worth buying?
[09:25PM] <Mayb> 9 days to go! 9 days to go!!! WOOT!
[09:25PM] <Dsprngboy> i think u love Bam Margera ? :P
[09:25PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> nancy: 50 and counting :)
[09:25PM] <Trav> hey nancy pants
[09:25PM] <Ezekiel> scremo all the way baby
[09:25PM] <Requiem> thank you
[09:25PM] <Requiem> hi trav
[09:25PM] <tle_gurl> ...and, andy's back in the game
[09:25PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> screaaaaaamoooooooooo
[09:25PM] <tle_gurl> ;)
[09:25PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrr
[09:25PM] <Cris> romi we went over this last chat
[09:25PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ChrisCheney: Have you ever played a DeArmond? And nice to see the Rickenbacker in One Said.. clip :)
[09:25PM] <ChrisCheney> saw u at safeway: pete townsend would be a bit of blast to work with i think, then a gain hed probably be in a bad mood.
[09:25PM] <AllTornDown> are there going to be 14 songs on the cd
[09:26PM] <Jake_TLE> i have a dog named andy
[09:26PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahahaha
[09:26PM] <KeithMoonLives> lol
[09:26PM] <Jake_TLE> he's so old he walks into walls
[09:26PM] <Mayb> hehe
[09:26PM] <Warlock_Society> i saw the who at the hollywood bowl the first time without entwhistle
[09:26PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> lmao
[09:26PM] <Romi> no we didnt
[09:26PM] <Cris> road head jake
[09:26PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I want to get a cat and call it bastard
[09:26PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris are u guys playing waroed tour this year?
[09:26PM] <Romi> chris, what do you think i should wear tomorow night?
[09:26PM] <ChrisCheney> Jake: does he play the drums?
[09:26PM] <Jake_TLE> road head!
[09:26PM] <tbwf> aust. release score book?
[09:26PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - how came homestead never made it past demo stage? it was an awesome song - it's also the best solo i've ever heard from you guys
[09:26PM] <Requiem> jake plays the drums for him
[09:26PM] <Cris> no he gives road head though chris
[09:26PM] <Mayb> lol @ chris
[09:26PM] <ChrisCheney> warlock: was it good?
[09:26PM] <Jake_TLE> no chris, haha but i do, about as well as he could
[09:26PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> well, now i got that off my chest, and i wasnt rejected (woo!!!), i just wanna say thanx to everyone in the room for witnessing it, and a VERY big thankyou to Chris n the guys starting a band, otherwise i wouldnt have met niss in the chat room :D 
[09:26PM] <Andy_Strachan> tle gurl,love surfing!,i go as much as i can
[09:26PM] <tle_gurl> CHRIS - what's planned for NYE? what will everyone be getting trashed on?!?
[09:26PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:26PM] <Romi> clothes...?
[09:26PM] <tle_gurl> great to hear
[09:27PM] <ChrisCheney> nirvana punk: we have no plans to play the warped tour this year as yet.
[09:27PM] <Requiem> HAHAHHAHA you are better than the dog... give yourself that at least
[09:27PM] <KeithMoonLives> Warlock- are you in any online Who groups?
[09:27PM] <AllTornDown> best solo is all torn down
[09:27PM] <Warlock_Society> it was awesome we were 13 and 60 year olds were giving us pot
[09:27PM] <TheGenerator> aandy!!! DO U LIKE PIZZA! I DO
[09:27PM] <Mayb> were you serious sam?
[09:27PM] <AllTornDown> i love solos,we need more
[09:27PM] <ChrisCheney> tle girl: vodka could be the poison of choice?
[09:27PM] <Romi> yes
[09:27PM] <Jake_TLE> nancy, and covers his ears when i drum
[09:27PM] <pavementoyster> i do like the atd solo too
[09:27PM] <Warlock_Society> i like pizza
[09:27PM] <Roll_Roll_On> solos rock
[09:27PM] <nirvana_punk_182> i hope u do
[09:27PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:27PM] <Niss> May yeah he was were planning a party now hehe
[09:27PM] <pavementoyster> just MY personal fav is homestead
[09:27PM] <Romi> whats better... bicardi or beer or vondka
[09:27PM] <AllTornDown> long live the rock solo,its comming back again
[09:27PM] <pavementoyster> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[09:27PM] <Mayb> haha ok Niss
[09:27PM] <metal_matt> Do u guys want to be interviewed on a community breakfast radio show? Cause I host one..
[09:27PM] <Requiem> hahah awwww
[09:28PM] <Fellas> Beer Romi
[09:28PM] <ChrisCheney> Jess: tell me more dad, im envious...
[09:28PM] <Fellas> or Bailys
[09:28PM] <Romi> it taste like crap
[09:28PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Do you guys eat breakfast?
[09:28PM] <Warlock_Society> lol
[09:28PM] <AllTornDown> the datsuns,some of there solos are amazing!!!!!!!!
[09:28PM] <Warlock_Society> envious
[09:28PM] <Dsprngboy> Jess_Kase your dad is a real punkster
[09:28PM] <Warlock_Society> envious
[09:28PM] <Romi> what should i choooose
[09:28PM] <Warlock_Society> envious
[09:28PM] <ChrisCheney> fella's baileys is good isnt it.
[09:28PM] <tle_gurl> Is anyone here into the Doug Anthony Allstars from when they were around?
[09:28PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ooh my cous is friends with the datsuns
[09:28PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> aahh the bloke from The Who. good stuff.
[09:28PM] <Requiem> hi ben
[09:28PM] <pressure_tested> the who are magical
[09:28PM] <KeithMoonLives> DAAS!!
[09:28PM] <pavementoyster> DAAS were sweeet
[09:28PM] <Warlock_Society> envious
[09:28PM] <Ben> hey Nancy :)
[09:28PM] <tle_gurl> yup
[09:28PM] <Niss> your all invited to my engagment part btw
[09:28PM] <Fellas> oh yeah, i always have one at the club when i go
[09:28PM] <Ben> hows it going?
[09:28PM] <Romi> shut up
[09:28PM] <Requiem> what's shakin?
[09:28PM] <tle_gurl> yay
[09:28PM] <ChrisCheney> I thikn the datsuns album is great and yes they have killer solos.
[09:28PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> niss are alkies playin there?
[09:28PM] <Requiem> tiredly
[09:28PM] <Requiem> but okay
[09:28PM] <tbwf> aust. relesed score book?
[09:28PM] <Dsprngboy> Niss, im coming :D
[09:28PM] <Jake_TLE> ben!!
[09:28PM] <Niss> yay
[09:29PM] <Ben> jake!
[09:29PM] <Mayb> i remember seeing DAAS busking in Civic when i was like 10
[09:29PM] <sarah2> hey chris!!!! how was ya christmas?
[09:29PM] <Ben> hows it goin dude?
[09:29PM] <Niss> stephen: course
[09:29PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - what solo are you most proud of?
[09:29PM] <Jake_TLE> hi nissa
[09:29PM] <Romi> orly says tle_girl's a bimbo
[09:29PM] <Warlock_Society> theres a band called alkaline trio playing a couple blocks from my house in 2-3 weeks
[09:29PM] <Ben> *burp*
[09:29PM] <Romi> ....?
[09:29PM] <Jess_Kase> Chris he said he saw the who, small faces and paul jones on the same bill syney stadium summer of 68 and the were great (now he has a big smile on his face rembering it)
[09:29PM] <KeithMoonLives> Mayb, that's cool!
[09:29PM] <Mayb> fanks Niss ;)
[09:29PM] <Ben> scuse me :S
[09:29PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Chris what supermarket did you work at a long time ago?
[09:29PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> WOOHOO!!!!! alkaline trio and free beer :D
[09:29PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> my kinda party
[09:29PM] <Fellas> Do you like to hit the clubs on a saturday night Chris?
[09:29PM] <tle_gurl> yay..... bring on the rain!!!!!
[09:29PM] <ChrisCheney> Sarah: i had a nice xmas with the family but we've been rehearsing all the way through so it hasnt felt like much of a break.
[09:29PM] <Mayb> haha - so you're there then D?
[09:29PM] <tle_gurl> ok
[09:29PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> Chris: Have you met the guys from the Hives?
[09:29PM] <TLErule> ANDy or CHRIS: do all you three guys live together
[09:29PM] <TheGenerator> CHIS! U LIKE GUNS N ROSES?
[09:29PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> definately :D
[09:29PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> jeez, i only just proposed, and already shes planning the receiption...... why am i surprised? 
[09:29PM] <Romi> It'll all be worth it in the end, chris
[09:29PM] <Cris> xmas = my birthday. bitch!
[09:29PM] <sarah2> Cool i luv ya new song!!!!
[09:29PM] <Cris> hahaha
[09:29PM] <Trav> im going for a nap, nighty night to all who care
[09:30PM] <Warlock_Society> guns n roses kick ass
[09:30PM] <Andy_Strachan> chit,bout 15/16 yrs i think
[09:30PM] <Dom_Sweeney> see ya trav
[09:30PM] <Mayb> night travness
[09:30PM] <Mayb> :)
[09:30PM] <Warlock_Society> nighty night
[09:30PM] <Jess_Kase> Chris he says he saw the clash in england in 78 *pokes out tongue* ok dads leaving now
[09:30PM] <ChrisCheney> Jess: small faces are one of my fave bands, ogdens nutgone flake is a masterpiece.
[09:30PM] <Dsprngboy> are u jesus ?!
[09:30PM] <tle_gurl> is andy still catching up to all this?
[09:30PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> Okay, we're outta here. Andy & Chris: thank you for coming in. Have a great new year! me, katie & Stephen will be! *kisses* for MissyMoo the bunny BYESSSSSSS
[09:30PM] <Dsprngboy> :D
[09:30PM] <Mayb> *hugs*
[09:30PM] <Cris> gnr canceled their tour midway here
[09:30PM] <Jake_TLE> i was playing homestead in my shop one day and my dad goes "i didnt know you listened to the beatles?!?!?!?" i was like "uhhhh i dont"
[09:30PM] <Roll_Roll_On> guns n roses were good 10 yrs ago, don't know now
[09:30PM] <Ezekiel> CHRIS: do these pants make me look fat
[09:30PM] <Mayb> night kate and arnsy
[09:30PM] <KeithMoonLives> Ogdens Nutgone Flake is great!
[09:30PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:30PM] <Requiem> hahhahahhahha
[09:30PM] <Jess_Kase> Ok dad is leaving the chat now
[09:30PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> lmfao
[09:30PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> we will be arns!!!
[09:30PM] <Mayb> *hugs*
[09:30PM] <ChrisCheney> Seeya warlock, sweetdreams.
[09:30PM] <sarah2> well have a good new year and all tyhe best with the band!!!!
[09:30PM] <tle_gurl> cheers mate
[09:30PM] <Warlock_Society> huh?
[09:30PM] <Jerri> lmao ant
[09:30PM] <Ben> hahahahaha
[09:30PM] <Warlock_Society> i was saying nighty night to trav
[09:30PM] <Cris> AHAHAHA
[09:30PM] <AllTornDown> CHRIS-whats your fav type of guitar
[09:30PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> ant: no, its your arse that makes you look fat
[09:30PM] <ChrisCheney> seeya dad: rock on!
[09:30PM] <Romi> i started choking in my sleep last night
[09:30PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha
[09:30PM] <Jess_Kase> but before i kick him out he says Chris tin solider and mad john are his favourite small faces song
[09:30PM] <tbwf> is there going to be an australian released score book?
[09:30PM] <Requiem> goodnight Trav
[09:30PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:30PM] <Warlock_Society> i cant miss a single second of chatting to the lead singer of my fav band
[09:31PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> haha ant your a funny boy. Seeya later guys :)
[09:31PM] <Andy_Strachan> pavement,pearl/ludwig
[09:31PM] <hectorflo> Chris and Andy: great to have you here! You guys are such a great and talented band. Hopefully i dont annoy you by asking this, but what do you guys think of Silverchair's Diorama?
[09:31PM] <Requiem> bye niss!
[09:31PM] <Jess_Kase> and he says it was really sad about steve marriot
[09:31PM] <ChrisCheney> all torn down: why gretsch of course.
[09:31PM] <Dsprngboy> i really like Guns n roses, i heard they started their band beacause of a finnish band called Hanoi Rocks
[09:31PM] <Ezekiel> cya katio and arns
[09:31PM] <tle_gurl> WE NEED A TLE DVD!!!! mmmmm..... dvd
[09:31PM] <pavementoyster> hey chris have you guys ever thought of doing a gig with your instruments swapped around (or a song at a gig) like you did at the arena for half a song one time
[09:31PM] <TLErule> yeah TLE DVD
[09:31PM] <bennyD> DVD oi oi oi
[09:31PM] <Jess_Kase> Ok im kicking dad out of the chat now...EVERYONE SAY BYE TO DAD.....
[09:31PM] <Romi> YESSS DVD
[09:31PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> alright another nerdy question. what is the best $100 you ever spent?
[09:31PM] <ChrisCheney> seeya katie and missya happy new year.
[09:31PM] <TLErule> anything on the cards
[09:31PM] <tle_gurl> bye dad
[09:31PM] <kylie> and a video for the techno impaired
[09:31PM] <AllTornDown> COOL CHRIS
[09:31PM] <Warlock_Society> guns n roses canceled the rest of the tour because axel rose is unreliable
[09:31PM] <spiralOut> Chris/Andy: either of you gonna catch Pearl Jam when they visit us in a couple of months? or you be recordin?
[09:31PM] <unknown_69_> bye dad
[09:31PM] <Dsprngboy> BYE DAD!
[09:31PM] <Fellas> i concur with tle_gurl
[09:31PM] <Uptownerd> bye dad
[09:31PM] <pressure_tested> night dad
[09:31PM] <KatiebAndMissyA> you too chris and andy ciao!
[09:31PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:31PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:31PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:31PM] <Ezekiel> stevo: that hurt my feelings
[09:31PM] <Uptownerd> what's for tea, dad
[09:31PM] <Warlock_Society> dvd
[09:31PM] <TheGenerator> AXL IS A LOSER
[09:31PM] <Fellas> DVD
[09:31PM] <Fellas> DVD
[09:31PM] <Mayb> ChrisCheney - will we ever see a Chris Cheney line of Gretches like Brian Stezers?
[09:31PM] <Jake_TLE> i have a gretsch guitar, if i drive it to Los Angeles in february will the living end sign it for me?
[09:31PM] <Fellas> DVd
[09:31PM] <pavementoyster> DVD YEAH!
[09:32PM] <Fellas> DVDx50
[09:32PM] <Warlock_Society> axl doesnt deserve to be in guns n roses
[09:32PM] <tle_gurl> oh, now we've got an epidemic started
[09:32PM] <TheGenerator> NOPE
[09:32PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Monday something rock
[09:32PM] <ChrisCheney> probably my white creepers which im about to throw away cause they are worn out.
[09:32PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:32PM] <Warlock_Society> missing gigs is just plain stupid
[09:32PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:32PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:32PM] <KeithMoonLives> Let's make a petition for Cheney Gretches!!
[09:32PM] <Romi> DVD
[09:32PM] <Mayb> NO!!!!!!
[09:32PM] <Jess_Kase> Aww hes come back...hes honoured hes getting attention...normally his daughters dont pay much attention
[09:32PM] <tle_gurl> dvd.... *hint hint*
[09:32PM] <Cris> monday something = best band ever!
[09:32PM] <Romi> we want a DVD
[09:32PM] * Mayb mourns the white creepers
[09:32PM] <Andy_Strachan> jess,hoodoo gurus krank
[09:32PM] <Jess_Kase> soon we are gonna put him in a home
[09:32PM] <bennyD> DVD oi
[09:32PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - if you put those creepers on ebay you'd probably make $$$thousands$$$]
[09:32PM] <Fellas> we NEED a DVD
[09:32PM] <unknown_69_> yea
[09:32PM] <Roll_Roll_On> gunners need their original line up
[09:32PM] <jason_zarps> CHRIS MATE, my Dad (whos 49 and grew up liking bands such as the Beatles) thinks All Torn Down is one of the best songs ever written. He's always asking How the hell you write a song like that at your young age
[09:32PM] <Jess_Kase> Now dads singing TALKING BOUT MY GENERATION
[09:32PM] <ChrisCheney> grestch did express some interest in a signature guitar but nothing more has come of it, i dont know what i think of the idea.
[09:32PM] <Trav[asleep]> sell them chris, i bet half theses fools would buy them for 50 bucks
[09:33PM] <Warlock_Society> chris when you guys go to LA will you sign my warlock?
[09:33PM] <Dsprngboy> MY GENERATION!!!
[09:33PM] <Dom_Sweeney> people try to put us d-down!!
[09:33PM] <Roll_Roll_On> hey chris, which band you love to hate
[09:33PM] <Dsprngboy> \,,/
[09:33PM] <Ezekiel> ok im off to watch Big Train
[09:33PM] <unknown_69_> my dad likes annoying bands
[09:33PM] <tle_gurl> i just bought a signed photo of billy howerdel from a perfect circle for my boyfriend
[09:33PM] <Ezekiel> best show ever
[09:33PM] <Jess_Kase> im seriously thinking about putting him in a home
[09:33PM] <Dom_Sweeney> just because we gett arrouunndd
[09:33PM] <Warlock_Society> i call that a bargain the best i ever had
[09:33PM] <Romi> as if u leave CHRIS
[09:33PM] <tbwf> DVD
[09:33PM] <Ezekiel[away]> be back in halfa
[09:33PM] <Jess_Kase> woah dad started a trend
[09:33PM] <Mayb> heres hoping they keep asking and you come around to it ;)
[09:33PM] <KeithMoonLives> Things they do look awful c-c-cold
[09:33PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hope I die
[09:33PM] <Dom_Sweeney> before I get old
[09:33PM] <Dsprngboy> Jess_Kase just send your that here !
[09:33PM] <Niss> Sam... 80 ppl too much for the party?
[09:33PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> Chris: Have you met the guys from the Hives?
[09:33PM] <tbwf> australian released score book?????????????????????????????????????
[09:33PM] <Andy_Strachan> tle gurl,my dogs passed away last yr,very old!
[09:33PM] <Fellas> Seriously though,a DVD would be a good idea i reckon
[09:33PM] <KeithMoonLives> My generation, baby!
[09:33PM] <Mayb> too late for me dom
[09:33PM] <Dsprngboy> i think he would like my dad
[09:33PM] <TLErule> Do you guys plan to still be playing and recording in 50 years
[09:33PM] <tle_gurl> awwww....
[09:33PM] <Mayb> :P
[09:33PM] <AllTornDown> i think us fans deserve a DVD with all the videos on it,live songs,behind the studio and could be called ON THE ANOTHER END.i am a genius.i need to be your manamger!!!!
[09:33PM] <Romi> CHRIS- u yhave no idea how many people LOVE YOU! guys as welll
[09:33PM] <ChrisCheney> warlock: the best i ever haaaaaaaad!
[09:33PM] <Dom_Sweeney> haha what was that mayb?
[09:33PM] <jason_zarps> CHRIS MATE, my Dad (whos 49 and grew up liking bands such as the Beatles) thinks All Torn Down is one of the best songs ever written. He's always asking How the hell you write a song like that at your young age
[09:33PM] <Cris> yeah i'm 18 now i'm old
[09:34PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahahaha
[09:34PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY .................what breed? hope u plan on getting another one!!!
[09:34PM] <Dom_Sweeney> go romi
[09:34PM] <Warlock_Society> chris will you sign my guitar when you come to la
[09:34PM] <bennyD> every band has a dvd these days
[09:34PM] <KeithMoonLives> Bargain!!
[09:34PM] <Dom_Sweeney> chris can I sign your guitar?
[09:34PM] <ChrisCheney> tle rule: if im still alive i would love to still be recording in some form or another?
[09:34PM] <Mayb> hope i die before i get old - too late for me
[09:34PM] <Mayb> :P
[09:34PM] <TLErule> AWEsome
[09:34PM] <Warlock_Society> lol DOM
[09:34PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ohh ok
[09:34PM] <Dsprngboy> i was disappointed at Green Day's DVD :(
[09:34PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahah
[09:34PM] <Uptownerd> maaaaaaaate can you please play english army at big day out perth please please please i'll give you a small mexican midget if you do
[09:34PM] <spiralOut> Chris/Andy: either of you gonna catch Pearl Jam when they visit us in a couple of months? or you be recordin?
[09:34PM] <Romi> We'll keep you alive
[09:34PM] <Roll_Roll_On> hey andy, which drummers do you find the most influential on your playing
[09:34PM] <KeithMoonLives> Chris, sign my Les Paul! lol!
[09:34PM] <Cris> dom sign my breasts
[09:34PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> NO! weve already heard English Army
[09:34PM] <Cris> hahahaha
[09:34PM] <Warlock_Society> chrs sign my warlock or ibanez
[09:35PM] <tle_gurl> the international superclips one? or something like that
[09:35PM] <ChrisCheney> jason: thank you. i dont know........ hang on
[09:35PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> its time for Stay Away From ME
[09:35PM] <pressure_tested> imm off guyss bye bye
[09:35PM] <tbwf> score book?
[09:35PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ok cris 
[09:35PM] <Fellas> Sign my BOOKER T POSTER
[09:35PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> i love those shoes, scotty's platforms are not bad either. here's another one: what is the one annual event that if you miss it you feel as though your year was incomplete?
[09:35PM] <Dom_Sweeney> see ya
[09:35PM] <Jake_TLE> chris, andy do you guys allow onlookers in the studio?
[09:35PM] <Dom_Sweeney> aww bye andy
[09:35PM] <ChrisCheney> Andy has been kicked off.... we are getting him back online... hang on....
[09:35PM] <tle_gurl> awwww....
[09:35PM] <DrPhiL> Chris sign my fender squir lol
[09:35PM] <Jake_TLE> oop
[09:35PM] <Fellas> if you come to the Cental Coast
[09:35PM] <Mayb> haha
[09:35PM] <tle_gurl> ok
[09:35PM] <KeithMoonLives> Sign my cat!
[09:35PM] <Warlock_Society> squier are funny
[09:35PM] <Cris> yes jake and he's going to let you in first!
[09:35PM] <pressure_tested> chris, see ya at the bdo mate! ill be in the d all day so i can be close during ya set!
[09:35PM] <Dsprngboy> :)
[09:35PM] <DrPhiL> sign my breasts
[09:35PM] <unknown_69_> me to
[09:35PM] <Cris> right after you give him road head
[09:35PM] <DrPhiL> my man boobs
[09:35PM] <Dom_Sweeney> my rickenbkr sucks its black you cant sign it
[09:35PM] <Uptownerd> your mumma does
[09:35PM] <Fellas> Whoa does Your dad like Romi?
[09:35PM] <pavementoyster> all this talk of breasts is making this sound like a different chat room
[09:35PM] <Jake_TLE> yay cris!
[09:35PM] <Jake_TLE> hahahah
[09:35PM] <Requiem> welcoem back andy
[09:35PM] <sarah2> yah, andys back
[09:35PM] <Mayb> wb andy
[09:35PM] <tle_gurl> yay....he's back!!!!!
[09:35PM] <Dom_Sweeney> andy has man boobs
[09:36PM] <Dom_Sweeney> just kidding
[09:36PM] <AllTornDown> dvd,dvd,dvd it could be could. - the living end-on the other end
[09:36PM] <Jake_TLE> wb andy!
[09:36PM] <Cris> pave what kind of a chat room
[09:36PM] <tle_gurl> YES... DVD DVD DVD
[09:36PM] <Warlock_Society> dvd
[09:36PM] <ChrisCheney> dom: who told you?
[09:36PM] <bennyD> DVD OI!!!!!!!!!!
[09:36PM] <Romi> CHRISS: where can we but the living end merchandise?1 lik t-shirts n shit
[09:36PM] <pavementoyster> one of THOSE chat rooms... you know?
[09:36PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:36PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> CHRIS!! Can I have your earrings??!??
[09:36PM] <Niss> Sam... 80 ppl too much for the party?!!!
[09:36PM] <Mayb> haha
[09:36PM] <StrayKitty> lol
[09:36PM] <unknown_69_> lol
[09:36PM] <Cris> i have boobs.
[09:36PM] <pavementoyster> from the site and at the gigs romi
[09:36PM] <Fellas> AllTornDown, that is by far the catchiest name i have heard ever
[09:36PM] <unknown_69_> me to
[09:36PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Chris: I figured myself.. lol? :
[09:36PM] <Roll_Roll_On> has anyone seen that anti lining end site - someone has too much time on their hands
[09:36PM] <AllTornDown> my fingers are sore from typing
[09:36PM] <tle_gurl> i've decided i want a weird hat!
[09:36PM] <Warlock_Society> 80??? it says only 48
[09:36PM] <AllTornDown> ouch
[09:36PM] <Romi> same u can touch them if u want
[09:36PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> niss: depends on whos invited :P 
[09:36PM] <ChrisCheney> shop ;links on the website romi, bdo we are gonna have some new tshirts.
[09:36PM] <Mayb> NO CAPS PLEASE
[09:36PM] <tle_gurl> yay
[09:37PM] <Jess_Kase> Chris how olds your gretsch?
[09:37PM] <Cris> dont say cris
[09:37PM] <Cris> say chris
[09:37PM] <TLErule> SEE YA MAN
[09:37PM] <tbwf> score book?
[09:37PM] <Niss> SAM: do you mind Paul going?
[09:37PM] <Warlock_Society> score book?
[09:37PM] <Romi> yeah but the website's hard coz its from america
[09:37PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> CHRIS Can I have your earrings??? PLEASE?!?!?
[09:37PM] <Warlock_Society> lol
[09:37PM] <Cris> hahahaha
[09:37PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Hey Cris: hows it being 18
[09:37PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> niss: guess :P 
[09:37PM] <AllTornDown> i think andy is taking a well earn break. lol
[09:37PM] <ChrisCheney> tel rule: thanks for the kind words and support - happy new year, drive safe.
[09:37PM] <Cris> chris can i BE YOU?!
[09:37PM] <unknown_69_> can i have your ear
[09:37PM] <unknown_69_> lol
[09:37PM] <DrPhiL> chris i would LOVE a pair of ur jocks
[09:37PM] <Jess_Kase> And chris do u call it a southern gentleman or something like that cause i thought thats the nickname for them
[09:37PM] <Cris> it's pretty old dom
[09:37PM] <Dsprngboy> ummm... why do you paint your fingernails black :D ?
[09:37PM] <ChrisCheney> I have a few gretsches ranging from 61 to 94.
[09:37PM] <sarah2> Guys i just want to say thanks for putting my in the US promo booklet thing, it made my day, year, eva
[09:37PM] <Cris> generator stop it.
[09:37PM] <Warlock_Society> chris: lol drive safe coming from you?
[09:37PM] <Romi> hahaha
[09:38PM] <unknown_69_> Chris, send me your socks or something!!!
[09:38PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:38PM] <Cris> HIS NAME IS CHRIS
[09:38PM] <Cris> NOT CRIS
[09:38PM] <Cris> i'm CRIS
[09:38PM] <Mayb> Warlock_Society - funny
[09:38PM] <Cris> OKAY
[09:38PM] <Requiem> you tell em cris
[09:38PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris do u consider the living end a punk band or a rock band?
[09:38PM] <Cris> hahaha
[09:38PM] <tbwf> score book?
[09:38PM] <ChrisCheney> spring boy: i dont paint them black, they just go that way.
[09:38PM] <Uptownerd> folk band
[09:38PM] <Roll_Roll_On> hey bye evryone - continue to rock on
[09:38PM] <Dsprngboy> ChrisCheney ok ;)
[09:38PM] <AllTornDown> TLE IS ROCK
[09:38PM] <Niss> SAM ::: Can we just invite everyone from the room?
[09:38PM] <Fellas> both i would say Nirvana
[09:38PM] <AllTornDown> all the way
[09:38PM] <Uptownerd> everyone loves to folk dance around the fireplace
[09:38PM] <jessrocker> they're a hardcore soul band
[09:38PM] <Cris> niss: to what?
[09:38PM] <tbwf> scorebook
[09:38PM] <tbwf> score book
[09:38PM] <Requiem> i thought nissa was leaving?
[09:38PM] <Jess_Kase> yeah ive seen a photo of neil young and steven stills both playing a gretsch in buffalo springfield
[09:38PM] <Warlock_Society> ye whens the score book coming
[09:38PM] <KeithMoonLives> [runs away at the mention of folk dancing]
[09:38PM] <ChrisCheney> nirvana: i consider teh living end probably a rock band. thats about as pigeon holed as i like to get.
[09:38PM] <tbwf> scorebook
[09:38PM] <AllTornDown> told ya so
[09:39PM] <AllTornDown> !!!
[09:39PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hehe pigeon
[09:39PM] <StrayKitty> lol
[09:39PM] <unknown_69_> me to
[09:39PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> oh god
[09:39PM] <AllTornDown> TLE are not punk
[09:39PM] <Dom_Sweeney> arent the living end a rap band?
[09:39PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> CHRIS Can I have your earrings??? PLEASE?!?!?
[09:39PM] <tle_gurl> yeah..... tle don't seem to have a certain genre.... it's such a wide variety
[09:39PM] <Romi> thats mine
[09:39PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> niss: everyong but the bloody guy with the + next to his name, hes bloody annoying 
[09:39PM] <Dsprngboy> that's a nice category for a band...
[09:39PM] <Jake_TLE> the best is a good label for them i'd say
[09:39PM] <Cris> i got all heartfelt towards tle last night. it was touching.
[09:39PM] <Mayb> i thought they were folk
[09:39PM] <Mayb> ...:P
[09:39PM] <Uptownerd> Chris, do you like that avril lavigne fucktard or do you want to kick her in her cunt too like me :D
[09:39PM] <unknown_69_> sweeney, i doubt that they're a rap band
[09:39PM] <Jess_Kase> and chris how do they sound unamplified
[09:39PM] <tbwf> scorenook
[09:39PM] <Dom_Sweeney> awww dayum
[09:39PM] <Romi> CHRIS: have you ever been in elsternwick, GLenHuntly rd
[09:39PM] <Dom_Sweeney> :P
[09:39PM] <Warlock_Society> score nook?
[09:39PM] <Cris> living end IS a rap band
[09:39PM] <Niss> SAM - watchit! :P
[09:40PM] <unknown_69_> whateva
[09:40PM] <Uptownerd> avril wears spikes AND a tie.. man she's so k0r3
[09:40PM] <Jerri> no more talk about avril
[09:40PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> hehehe :P 
[09:40PM] <kylie> um dont kick anyone in that area not very nice
[09:40PM] <Romi> CHRIS I LOVE YOU
[09:40PM] <Jerri> i vote we leave her horribleness out of here
[09:40PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - having fun? ;)
[09:40PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ah leave avril alone
[09:40PM] <Romi> ppl think im weird..
[09:40PM] <Uptownerd> avril's a fucking tard
[09:40PM] <Dom_Sweeney> she'll go to hell anyway
[09:40PM] <tbwf> book
[09:40PM] <unknown_69_> Avril annoying
[09:40PM] <Cris> haha
[09:40PM] <Requiem> who cares?
[09:40PM] <ChrisCheney> uptown: im guessing shes not your favorite performer.
[09:40PM] <Jerri> hahaha
[09:40PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> chris: is blackberry still ur fave jam? :P 
[09:40PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> CHRIS Can I have your earrings??? PLEASE?!?!?
[09:40PM] <Mayb> i think andy died
[09:40PM] <Jess_Kase> shes just trying to make a living
[09:40PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:40PM] <Uptownerd> nooooooooooooooooooooooo shit ;)
[09:40PM] <AllTornDown> lol
[09:40PM] <Fellas> Avril is better then any girl groups out there
[09:40PM] <Dom_Sweeney> andy you there?
[09:40PM] <Warlock_Society> avril lavigne is not anyones favorite performer
[09:40PM] <pavementoyster> i have to agree with uptownerd... just not as graphicly
[09:40PM] <ChrisCheney> ANDY WHERE ARE YA????
[09:40PM] <Jess_Kase> why isnt andy a op anymore
[09:40PM] <Andy_Strachan> tle gurl,HELP!
[09:40PM] <bennyD> where's ANDY
[09:40PM] <unknown_69_> CHRIS do you like Avril?
[09:40PM] <Requiem> this is not an avril chat
[09:40PM] <Dsprngboy> she's pretty damn good skateboarder though.... HAHHAHAHAA
[09:40PM] <Cris> performer, hahah yes because she is a prostitute
[09:40PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:40PM] <tbwf> avril cant sing live i discovered
[09:41PM] <Uptownerd> i think this chat should be about me
[09:41PM] <Jess_Kase> WE'VE LOST HIM...NO ANDY NO.........
[09:41PM] <Cris> fellas - listen to the sahara hotnights!!!!!!!!
[09:41PM] <Uptownerd> i am the best!
[09:41PM] <tle_gurl> yeah.... i don't think i can answer questions for u... i can try though
[09:41PM] <Fellas> Hey must have dogged it Chris
[09:41PM] <Jake_TLE> you paid to see her live?
[09:41PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> hehehe 
[09:41PM] <Jake_TLE> hahaha
[09:41PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> CHRIS Can I have your earrings??? PLEASE?!?!?
[09:41PM] <tle_gurl> ok.... all questions directed to me now
[09:41PM] <ChrisCheney> no idont particularly like avril but ive only heard that complicated song.
[09:41PM] <tle_gurl> ;)
[09:41PM] <Cris> Chris Cheney have you heard of the Sahara Hotnights?
[09:41PM] <Warlock_Society> thats all u need to hear
[09:41PM] <Dsprngboy> someone has a fetish to earrings...
[09:41PM] <tbwf> no no ppl
[09:41PM] <Fellas> I'm with you is good
[09:41PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> I WANT THEM DAMMIT
[09:41PM] <Dsprngboy> :D
[09:41PM] <ChrisCheney> you can have my earrings when im dead. hows that/
[09:41PM] <Andy_Strachan> im here,but strugling!
[09:41PM] <Warlock_Society> do u have pierced ears?
[09:41PM] <Dsprngboy> ;)
[09:41PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> YES I'll take them
[09:41PM] <Jake_TLE> yeah right tbwf, you snuck in, i saw you there
[09:41PM] <Romi> PLEASE chris i want them
[09:41PM] <pavementoyster> ARRRGH! I HATE THAT SPELLING!
[09:41PM] <Dom_Sweeney> chris you'll never die
[09:41PM] <Uptownerd> i wish i were as hardcore as avril
[09:41PM] <Cris> hahaha
[09:41PM] <Dom_Sweeney> and if you do
[09:42PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> I'm getting my other ear done cos of you
[09:42PM] <tbwf> so u paied aswell then....
[09:42PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I'm nicking your guitar
[09:42PM] <Fellas> She is better then all those pop stars that have about a MILLION back-up dancers
[09:42PM] <Uptownerd> i think the living end should tour with avril
[09:42PM] <Dom_Sweeney> and signing it
[09:42PM] <Romi> i have 5 and i dont have enough money to pay for earings to fill them all
[09:42PM] <Uptownerd> maybe they can borrow some of her spikes and go sk8ing
[09:42PM] <Mayb> haha i hope you're right Dom, but i doubt it
[09:42PM] <Uptownerd> with the boiz
[09:42PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> andy: ill help ya with the chat thing if u want, u type to me what u want to say, and ill tell the rest of the room :P 
[09:42PM] <tle_gurl> i want that double necklace chain thingy that ur wearing in all the old performances
[09:42PM] <Cris> okay uptown that's enough
[09:42PM] <Warlock_Society> chris: what if capitalist buys some earings and then you touch them
[09:42PM] <Uptownerd> sorry :p
[09:42PM] <Jess_Kase> fine chris if she gets your earring can i have your gretsch...?
[09:42PM] <pavementoyster> i don't consider any pop performers "stars"
[09:42PM] <Jess_Kase> please
[09:42PM] <Jess_Kase> i will say thank you
[09:42PM] <Cris> hehe
[09:42PM] <AllTornDown> hey chris cheney dont you think the vines deserved best rock album for the arias.i do!
[09:42PM] <Dsprngboy> Chris, do you have tattoos ?
[09:42PM] <KeithMoonLives> lol Jess
[09:42PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:42PM] <Cris> i hate her too uptown, don't worry
[09:42PM] <Jess_Kase> wow i spelt ti wrong again
[09:42PM] <Dom_Sweeney> monday something rock
[09:42PM] <Romi> YEAH DOM
[09:42PM] <Cris> Chris has YOUR NAME tattooed on his ass.
[09:42PM] <Mayb> so you say dom
[09:42PM] <Mayb> :P
[09:42PM] <Jess_Kase> or are u getting buried with it?
[09:42PM] <hectorflo> The best musical performance performance i've ever experienced: TLE @ KROQ's St. Patricks Day Show in LA March 2001. Thanks for the autographs Chris! You probably dont remember but thanks!
[09:43PM] <sarah2> Chris: are u looking forward to playing at BDO agian??
[09:43PM] <ChrisCheney> okay this is getting out of hand, maybe you guys should just send a big list through of what you want when Im dead????
[09:43PM] <Dsprngboy> Cris and you are too much into jackass
[09:43PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I had nothing else to say Mayb..
[09:43PM] <Dom_Sweeney> loll
[09:43PM] <Dom_Sweeney> -l
[09:43PM] <Jake_TLE> hahahaha chris
[09:43PM] <pavementoyster> now we go to the morbid death conversation
[09:43PM] <Mayb> but you're not allowed to die chris
[09:43PM] <Mayb> :P
[09:43PM] <unknown_69_> we will make a list!!!!!
[09:43PM] <Cris> ds what do you mean?
[09:43PM] <Romi> chris PLZ DONT DIE ON US
[09:43PM] <unknown_69_> but you'll neva die
[09:43PM] <Dsprngboy> i think the best question was: can you sign my cat ?
[09:43PM] <tle_gurl> CHRIS - would that be another thing i'd have to email rae about then?!? lol i want that chain!
[09:43PM] <sarah2> i think theyve already made a list!!
[09:43PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:43PM] <Cris> i don't like jackass that much
[09:43PM] <AllTornDown> HIGHLY EVOLVED WAS MILES AHEAD OF DIORAMA it should have got best rock album.DONT YOU AGREE CHRIS
[09:43PM] <Niss> CHRIS: your giving them encouragment to murder you
[09:43PM] <Warlock_Society> when chris cheney dies hell will freeze over, no one shall move, and boy bands will play instruments lets hope that day never comes
[09:43PM] <Jess_Kase> Hey chris when your dead can i have 60 bucks..... cause i had to buy 3 copies of the living end
[09:43PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:43PM] <Andy_Strachan> sam,great idea!!!
[09:43PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> alright what does Chris think about Vanilla Coke?
[09:44PM] <Dsprngboy> Cris, nothing...............
[09:44PM] <Jess_Kase> so that will cover the other two :)
[09:44PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Chris - I can see you when you're older having a band called the Chris Cheney Orchestra.. or something along those lines..
[09:44PM] <Uptownerd> will you play english army at big day out perth please please please i'll give you a small mexican midget if you do
[09:44PM] <KeithMoonLives> Vanilla Coke is great with port
[09:44PM] <Dom_Sweeney> :P
[09:44PM] <unknown_69_> can yyou sign my goldfish lol
[09:44PM] <DrPhiL> 20 bucks each? u got em cheap!
[09:44PM] <KeithMoonLives> Chris Cheney Orchestra LOL!!
[09:44PM] <Cris> hahah brian setzer
[09:44PM] <Jess_Kase> hahaha i just had this vision of chris when hes 70 as a crooner
[09:44PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY - how far behind r u now? is it getting any easier yet?
[09:44PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> Dom: are they gonna do a kickass version of In The Mood?
[09:44PM] <Warlock_Society> chris will play a violin or a cello
[09:44PM] <Cris> cronies
[09:44PM] <pavementoyster> boy bands can play instruments already - albeit badly
[09:44PM] <Dom_Sweeney> yeah!!
[09:44PM] <pavementoyster> verrrrrrrrrrry badly
[09:44PM] <Requiem> Play toronto
[09:44PM] <ChrisCheney> warlock: thats the problem with awards shows it really is personal opinion cause i like both albums for different reasons. very diplomatic i know.
[09:44PM] <Cris> Dom are you going to play naked?
[09:44PM] <Warlock_Society> ???
[09:44PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris have u ever felt like doing a side project in your spare time?
[09:44PM] <AllTornDown> yeah
[09:44PM] <Requiem> then i could get jake to come visit me more
[09:44PM] <AllTornDown> probably
[09:44PM] <Warlock_Society> i think ur talking to the wrong person chris
[09:45PM] <tle_gurl> WHAT SPARE TIME?
[09:45PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:45PM] <Romi> chris u considering getting the mohank back? that looked sweeeet
[09:45PM] <jason_zarps> All right, I guess Ill be off. CHRIS/ANDY MATEs, Good luck to you guys and Scott for the next Album. Have a happy New year, and Happy Birthday for Thursday Chris. And you better let me have a jam session with you guys after I get decked by the BDO security guards, lol. Best of luck to you guys, you deserve it!!!
[09:45PM] <Romi> I MADE A SLID OF YOU!!! CHRIS
[09:45PM] <tbwf> tle scorebook?
[09:45PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> andy: technical question; is there any characteristics you look for in the sound of your drums when your tuning? 
[09:45PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - have you guys got any more homestead style ballads under your belt?
[09:45PM] <ChrisCheney> nirvana: i would love to do something on the side but as tle gurl said we dont have much time to scratch at the moment.
[09:45PM] <Warlock_Society> tbwf do you know any other words
[09:45PM] <WhyAmISoMe> warlock: too late boy bands already play intstruments
[09:45PM] <Cris> i think i'll go get a tattoo today...because..well...I CAN!
[09:45PM] <Jess_Kase> has any trade unions requested to use the song roll on? cause its much better then the strawbs union anthem
[09:45PM] <tle_gurl> yay... i was right about something
[09:45PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:45PM] <tbwf> no
[09:45PM] <ChrisCheney> no they havent jess.
[09:45PM] <kylie> ii was thinking more like deodarant companies
[09:46PM] <DrPhiL> lol
[09:46PM] <Dsprngboy> Chris, have you heard Pinhead Gunpowder ? 
[09:46PM] <Jess_Kase> well they should its very insprational
[09:46PM] <Mayb> ChrisCheney - would you let unions use it?
[09:46PM] <AllTornDown> to much work,not enough pay say
[09:46PM] <DrPhiL> Chris u heard on The living end?
[09:46PM] <tle_gurl> CHRIS - which one of ur songs holds the most sentimental value to u do u think?
[09:46PM] <ChrisCheney> springboy: pinhead gunpowder are great.
[09:46PM] <Andy_Strachan> tlegurl,i dont know,miles i would thin k!
[09:46PM] <AllTornDown> well roll on
[09:46PM] <DrPhiL> Chris u heard of the beatles?
[09:46PM] <DrPhiL> chris
[09:46PM] <Dsprngboy> yeah they are :)
[09:46PM] <pavementoyster> LOL
[09:46PM] <Warlock_Society> ye chris what do you think of the living end?
[09:46PM] <DrPhiL> chris
[09:46PM] <Cris> Chris is emma typing for you?
[09:47PM] <Dom_Sweeney> who the fark are the beatles?
[09:47PM] <Warlock_Society> have you ever heard of them
[09:47PM] <tle_gurl> ANDY- don't worry about it too much, we're all still having fun
[09:47PM] <sarah2> Chris i'll make a deal with u guys - you make an effort to come to tassie and i'll definately come and see every show u do donw here
[09:47PM] <Dsprngboy> anything with billie joe is great... 
[09:47PM] <Romi> EMMA i wish i was you
[09:47PM] <Jess_Kase> chris me and my sis where going to go to the airport to see if we could meet you guys before the my dad wants to come so he can chat about the who
[09:47PM] <tle_gurl> HEY, HOW IS EMMA
[09:47PM] <ChrisCheney> mayb: as you probably know we are not big on letting people use our songs for stuff.
[09:47PM] <tle_gurl> ?
[09:47PM] <Dom_Sweeney> HAHAH
[09:47PM] <jason_zarps> I SAID..........All right, I guess Ill be off. CHRIS/ANDY MATEs, Good luck to you guys and Scott for the next Album. Have a happy New year, and Happy Birthday for Thursday Chris. And you better let me have a jam session with you guys after I get decked by the BDO security guards, lol. Best of luck to you guys, you deserve it!!!
[09:47PM] <Jess_Kase> once again dad has entered the chat
[09:47PM] <Cris> billie joe stuck his hand down his pants when i saw him. i was um surprised
[09:47PM] <tle_gurl> BYE
[09:47PM] <tle_gurl> i saw it
[09:47PM] <unknown_69_> bye
[09:47PM] <bennyD> doing much for new years chris?
[09:47PM] <Warlock_Society> bye
[09:47PM] <ChrisCheney> emma is great, but she doesnt like the heat!
[09:47PM] <Romi> can we come to see you at the airport????
[09:47PM] <Dsprngboy> Jess_Kase i like your dad :D
[09:47PM] <tle_gurl> me either!
[09:47PM] <Mayb> fair nuff
[09:48PM] <Andy_Strachan> zarps,cheers mate!
[09:48PM] <Cris> Chris - how old are you gonna be this year?
[09:48PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:48PM] <Dom_Sweeney> you mean next year!
[09:48PM] <tle_gurl> 28
[09:48PM] <jessrocker> what's your dad's name jesskase?
[09:48PM] <pavementoyster> am i invisible? can anyone else see me? i feel invisible
[09:48PM] <Romi> 28?
[09:48PM] <Warlock_Society> u mean next year
[09:48PM] <Cris> yeah whatever
[09:48PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha
[09:48PM] <ChrisCheney> jason: good luck happy new years eve please avoid big security guards stay safe.
[09:48PM] <Dom_Sweeney> crikey
[09:48PM] <Dom_Sweeney> dont remind him
[09:48PM] <jason_zarps> cheers Andy
[09:48PM] <Dom_Sweeney> crrriiikeeey
[09:48PM] <Dsprngboy> i turn 17 3.1 so cheers!
[09:48PM] <Jess_Kase> Dont like him to much..he always tries to sing prisoner of society but he always sings it VICTIM of society
[09:48PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:48PM] <unknown_69_> happy b'day for Thrusday
[09:48PM] <Warlock_Society> crikey
[09:48PM] <Romi> CHRIS WHAT U DOIN 4 NYE
[09:48PM] <Jake_TLE> andy: whens your birthday and how old are you gonna be?
[09:48PM] <ChrisCheney> pavement: youre not invisible.
[09:48PM] <jason_zarps> lol, i wil..............
[09:48PM] <pavementoyster> ahhh cool
[09:48PM] <Mayb> aww
[09:48PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> Chris, everytime I drive past Patterson-Cheney I think of you
[09:48PM] <AllTornDown> What song of TLE is the best croud pleaser chris cheney.
[09:48PM] <Jess_Kase> awww
[09:48PM] <pavementoyster> i was looking at the wall and couldn't see myself... was getting worried...
[09:48PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I think
[09:48PM] <pavementoyster> FROM HERE ON IN!
[09:48PM] <tle_gurl> i'm 17 next year..... this is so frustrating!!!!! i am REALLY annoyed about the geelong gig... but i'm happy about being able to put out posters, etc
[09:49PM] <Dom_Sweeney> Monday something should give TLE a gig for chris bday yeah?
[09:49PM] <ChrisCheney> romi: i think im gonna catch up with some friends and maybe the bodyjar guys.
[09:49PM] <tle_gurl> do u think rae would help?
[09:49PM] <Dsprngboy> u're a vampire
[09:49PM] <Cris> haha i am 18!
[09:49PM] <Jerri> lmao dom
[09:49PM] <Cris> but in america.
[09:49PM] <Requiem> ooooo bodyjar
[09:49PM] <Warlock_Society> haha im 14
[09:49PM] <unknown_69_> I'm onlly 13!!!!! save me
[09:49PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> dom: that id love to see! hehe 
[09:49PM] <Cris> ahh 13
[09:49PM] <pavementoyster> ARRRGH! vampire? where KILL IIIIT!!!
[09:49PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:49PM] <tle_gurl> it'll pass
[09:49PM] <Mayb> good idea dom
[09:49PM] <Jake_TLE> plastic skies is a great album, does anyone agree?
[09:49PM] <Jerri> for once i feel old in here
[09:49PM] <jessrocker> lots of shows here are 21 and over...even longed to wait
[09:49PM] <Dsprngboy> i would like to be younger ://
[09:49PM] <Jess_Kase> dammit i wanna go to the bdo...not allowed to but theres not point anyway i wouldnt be able to see anything anyway...i hate being short WOOH GO ME 4 FOOT 8
[09:49PM] <StrayKitty> Its already dead
[09:49PM] <Cris> i was 14 when i started liking tle
[09:49PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> oh god enough with the underage thing already. everyones been underage at one time or another. DEAL WITH IT
[09:49PM] <nirvana_punk_182> chris do u like touring small clubs or big venues better?
[09:49PM] <Requiem> iagree jake
[09:49PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> jake: yeh 
[09:49PM] <Mayb> maybe that way your could deliver the demo
[09:49PM] <Dsprngboy> there are so many things that i would like to in a different way :|
[09:49PM] <Dsprngboy> do
[09:49PM] <unknown_69_> i was 7 when i started likeing tle
[09:49PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> jake I think plastic skies is on par with No Touch Red....maybe even better
[09:49PM] <AllTornDown> Hey chris are you in to any mello stuff??
[09:49PM] <Requiem> how insensitive stephen
[09:49PM] <tle_gurl> yay.... smallness... as long as it's allages
[09:49PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> thanks nancy :)
[09:50PM] <Niss> CHRIS: whats you favourite alcoholic drinks???? :)
[09:50PM] <Requiem> anytime
[09:50PM] <pavementoyster> i think there's chat rooms about the length 4foot 8 too....
[09:50PM] <pavementoyster> i think
[09:50PM] <Cris> does size matter?
[09:50PM] <AllTornDown> Is there going to be any mello songs on the new record
[09:50PM] <ChrisCheney> I do miss playing little clubs, the evelyn shows were loads of fun but I think we'll alwasys try and do little club sh ows as well as the big stuff.
[09:50PM] <pavementoyster> so any more ballads coming chris?
[09:50PM] <tle_gurl> CHRIS - do u think that rae would be able to do anything for the sound check thing?
[09:50PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> by his admission I think he's a VB man
[09:50PM] <Warlock_Society> no mello sings
[09:50PM] <Warlock_Society> songs
[09:50PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> damn straight the evelyn shows were fun. I was front and centre at both shows and had a great time
[09:50PM] <Cris> Chris you played a nice little club show here in Boston in 2001 :)
[09:50PM] <Andy_Strachan> sam not,i try to get my drums to sound as fat and warm sounding as poss.i like big drums!
[09:50PM] <Mayb> the little gigs always rock
[09:50PM] <ChrisCheney> tlegurl: email rae and I'll speak to her about it.
[09:51PM] <Dsprngboy> All Torn Down is beatiful song
[09:51PM] <AllTornDown> the best
[09:51PM] <sarah2> Chris: if u miss playing little clubs u should play at the Yolla tavern 20mins from burnie...not much room, very cosy
[09:51PM] <Cris> chris cheney i was on your box before.
[09:51PM] <Requiem> Chris: Any plans for Canada in the near future?
[09:51PM] <tle_gurl> ooooo.... thanku so very much! i'm dead serious, i really appreciate this!!!!!
[09:51PM] <pavementoyster> i love the all torn down film clip
[09:51PM] <Warlock_Society> chris you should play the roxy and the whisky when you come to LA
[09:51PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha cris
[09:51PM] <Cris> dom did you see me on his box
[09:51PM] <Dom_Sweeney> yeah
[09:51PM] <AllTornDown> all torn down is the best song you hav writen i think
[09:51PM] <Jess_Kase> Hey chris u know how u did a siging in 78 records in perth... on the outside of it theres graffiti that says I WAS HERE WITH THE LIVING END!!!
[09:51PM] <Dom_Sweeney> can you stop saying box
[09:51PM] <Jess_Kase> it wasnt me
[09:51PM] <Cris> wasnt it a lovely BOX
[09:51PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> Chris if you get a chance you should catch the Longnecks, top band, similar sort of style.
[09:51PM] <ChrisCheney> warlock: weve played the roxy a couple of times but not the whiskey.
[09:51PM] <Warlock_Society> lol
[09:51PM] <jessrocker> chris: you met my mom in st louis...she said you were very polite
[09:51PM] <Dom_Sweeney> lol
[09:51PM] <Cris> i have a box dom
[09:51PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:51PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS CHENEY - Does a self respecting band member like myself send a demo cd to Rae? or how does it work?
[09:51PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I know
[09:52PM] <Cris> ahahah
[09:52PM] <Warlock_Society> well it doesnt matter because i only found out about TLE in august so u should play them again
[09:52PM] <ChrisCheney> jess: i didnt know that, thats a bit of buzz.
[09:52PM] <Cris> whoa its almost 6
[09:52PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> you have to go visit Crucial...isnt that right DOM :P
[09:52PM] <Dom_Sweeney> send it to the PO adreeeessssssss
[09:52PM] <Dom_Sweeney> hahaha NOOOO
[09:52PM] <Dom_Sweeney> shhhh!!!
[09:52PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> :D
[09:52PM] <Dom_Sweeney> monday something suck!
[09:52PM] <tle_gurl> chris - r u leaving at 10 this time.... or r u staying for a bit longer like last time?
[09:52PM] <Warlock_Society> roxy, whisky, key club, palace, not viper room theyre bastards who only let 21 and over
[09:52PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> monday who? 
[09:52PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> haha
[09:52PM] <Cris> dom - send yourself in the mail to my house
[09:52PM] <ChrisCheney> ive heard the longnecks were a bad tribute band.
[09:52PM] <Jess_Kase> yeah well is i go look at it whenever im in the city *jealou cause i wasnt there*
[09:52PM] <Dom_Sweeney> ok cris
[09:52PM] <pavementoyster> LOL!
[09:52PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> can i just say that after seeing and chatting to you at safeway my life has never been the same since...
[09:52PM] <Dsprngboy> ChrisCheney, where does The Living End name come from ? is there any connection with onw Hüsker Dü album which is called The Living End ?
[09:52PM] <Fellas> Hey CHris, Andy, it was a pleasure to talk to you guys, i'm off now so i wish you guys the best on the big day out and where ever else you play. Don't forget your roots and just play as good as you always do. Ketch you around hopefully
[09:52PM] <`-[SAM-NOT_EAR]-> Sam is listening to Bodyjar <- Punk Rock -> Discouraging Lie
[09:52PM] <NisssGuy> shit 
[09:52PM] <Capitalist_Mandrill> I thought they stole the name from a movie!?!?
[09:52PM] <NisssGuy> /me kicks his mp3 script 
[09:53PM] <Jake_TLE> bye fellas!
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> oooo..... and andy..... how much longer can u handle this for? r u on for much longer?
[09:53PM] <Jess_Kase> seeya
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> cheers mate
[09:53PM] <Cris> ds - no its from that homosexual moie
[09:53PM] <ChrisCheney> tel girl, yes we are supposed to be leaving at 10pm, have to head off in a few minutes.
[09:53PM] <Cris> hahhaha
[09:53PM] <Mayb> if longnecks were bad, they were VERY bad :P
[09:53PM] <Requiem> Chris, do you see yourself in Canada in the next year and a half?
[09:53PM] <KeithMoonLives> Was it from a Batman movie?
[09:53PM] <Romi> NOOOO
[09:53PM] <Warlock_Society> u cant leave
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> awwww.....
[09:53PM] <unknown_69_> CHRIS: what suburb in melb do you live????
[09:53PM] <Jess_Kase> is andy ok? he hasnt died has her?
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> lol
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> ...ever
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> he
[09:53PM] <tbwf> where u off to
[09:53PM] <pavementoyster> heheh
[09:53PM] <Dom_Sweeney> her
[09:53PM] <Warlock_Society> NO CHRIS DONT LEAVE US
[09:53PM] <Dsprngboy> ChrisCheney, where does The Living End name come from ? is there any connection with one Hüsker Dü album which is called The Living End ?
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> no
[09:53PM] <AllTornDown> hey chris i have loved the songs which have had trumpets in them previous there going to be a return for Area 7 for the new record
[09:53PM] <Cris> take you drawers off, and work your legs
[09:53PM] <pavementoyster> It's from a stray cats song innit?
[09:53PM] <tle_gurl> isn't it like monty python or something?
[09:53PM] <KeithMoonLives> Area 7 rock!
[09:53PM] <sarah2> The living end name comes from the 50's movies...
[09:53PM] <pavementoyster> no my mistake
[09:53PM] <Cris> let me tap it, i must have it
[09:53PM] <pavementoyster> that was runnaway boys
[09:54PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> area 7 havent used horns in years ;)
[09:54PM] <KeithMoonLives> Runaway Boys is from a stray cats song...
[09:54PM] <Andy_Strachan> jake,im b/day is in august
[09:54PM] <ChrisCheney> Spring boy: no connection to the huskerdo album acutally got the idea from the original rock around the clock movie.
[09:54PM] <Dom_Sweeney> its a 50's phrase!
[09:54PM] <Jess_Kase> chris if u could only listen to one song ever again which would it be? and if you could only play one song again which would it be?
[09:54PM] <tle_gurl> oooooo
[09:54PM] <DrPhiL> area 7 are old wananbes
[09:54PM] <Dsprngboy> ChrisCheney, okay :D
[09:54PM] <Dom_Sweeney> and on the simpsons.. Homer, you are THE LIVING END
[09:54PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> bowling for columbine was an excellent movie.
[09:54PM] <Cris> jesus 10 years older than me
[09:54PM] <Jake_TLE> awesome andy!
[09:54PM] <Warlock_Society> bowling for columbine was a kick ass movie
[09:54PM] <Jake_TLE> how long have you been drumming for?
[09:54PM] <AllTornDown> are AREA 7 going to feature again on the new cd
[09:54PM] <Dsprngboy> Chris, you dont even know husker du, do ya ?
[09:54PM] <Mayb> 2 years younger than me
[09:54PM] <Mayb> :P
[09:54PM] <NisssGuy> if andy is dead can i fill in for him on drums till u got a replacement? 
[09:54PM] <StrayKitty> CHRIS - my friend wants to know if you'll be signing stuff at BDO?
[09:54PM] <AllTornDown> i love it when the come in with somthing
[09:54PM] <NisssGuy> hehe 
[09:54PM] <unknown_69_> CHRIS how old r u next birthday
[09:54PM] <Requiem> Andy do you fancy you guys may come to Canada for a tour?
[09:54PM] <Mayb> we know husker du
[09:55PM] <pavementoyster> chris, i really would like to know if we'll see any more ballads - then i'll stop harrassing you... swear to god
[09:55PM] <WhyAmISoMe> Chris: when you guys are in LA is there any chance of you guys heading down to San Diego for a show?
[09:55PM] <ChrisCheney> in my life by the beatles, i dont know what song i would play sorry.
[09:55PM] <Warlock_Society> no
[09:55PM] <KeithMoonLives> Play at my place! Free booze all round!
[09:55PM] <TheGenerator> cHRIS DO U LIKE TUNA?
[09:55PM] <bennyD> andy better not be dead
[09:55PM] <unknown_69_> lol
[09:55PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:55PM] <tle_gurl> well..... i have to be off! CHEERS TO BOTH OF U! i really appreciate this! have a great New Years, and Chris, make sure u have a terrific B'day! You guys r amazing and keep up the incredible work! I hope to somehow weazil my way into the geelong show so i can see you somehow! :D cheers mates!
[09:55PM] <NisssGuy> benny: he hasnt said anything in a while :P 
[09:55PM] <Cris> there's a song by gravity kills that says 'now i've reached the living end'
[09:55PM] <Dom_Sweeney> monday something will play at your place.. we'll pay you to play at your place.. howsat?
[09:55PM] <Jake_TLE> bye tle_gurl!
[09:55PM] <pavementoyster> andy's only dead......... slow at typing.... but give the poor bugger a break :)
[09:55PM] <ChrisCheney> pavement: we have a few slowers songs i dont know whether i would call them ballads or not though, who knows if they will make the album.
[09:55PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> a 5 person audience dom??? biggest ever?
[09:55PM] <KeithMoonLives> Cool, Dom!
[09:55PM] <pavementoyster> *crosses fingers*
[09:55PM] <Dsprngboy> when i turn 18. i'll travel to australia just to drink my ass off!
[09:56PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> chris, top 3 british bands at the moment.
[09:56PM] <Cris> yeah chris has emma to type
[09:56PM] <ChrisCheney> tle gitrl: happy new year, best of luck to you, see you soon.
[09:56PM] <pavementoyster> so does this mean Chris want's me to shut the hell up now? :)
[09:56PM] <Cris> cos ive seen chris' typing skills
[09:56PM] <tle_gurl> thanks!
[09:56PM] <Jess_Kase> dad said hey chris do u still wanna talk with him (hes describing himself as a hip old guy who has been to tons of gigs plays guitar, and recnetly bought my bro a les paul junior and my other brother a set of drugs...anyone raise your hands if you care...seee dad told u they didnt care
[09:56PM] <tle_gurl> bye
[09:56PM] <Cris> ONE FINGER!
[09:56PM] <Warlock_Society> Bush is a great british band
[09:56PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:56PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:56PM] <Jake_TLE> a set of drugs???
[09:56PM] <Jake_TLE> hahahhaha
[09:56PM] <pavementoyster> A SET OF DRUGS?!?!?
[09:56PM] <Relative_minor> Chris.... Will we see anything of the 'jazzy variety' on the up and coming cd??
[09:56PM] <bennyD> FISH FINGERS!!!!!!!!
[09:56PM] <Requiem> okay just tour Canada..
[09:56PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahahahaha
[09:56PM] <AllTornDown> i love a STRAT
[09:56PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> shit man thats a bad surname
[09:56PM] <Mayb> a set of drugs - lol
[09:56PM] <Cris> what a lovely set of drugs
[09:56PM] <tle_gurl> BYE ANDY! good luck for the rest of the time ur on! hope u come near catching up eventually!!!! have a great new years!
[09:56PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> it was worth a shot nancy :)
[09:56PM] <Jess_Kase> SHIT I WRPTE DRUGS
[09:56PM] <ChrisCheney> saw u at safeway: the libertines electric soft parade.
[09:56PM] <Cris> goes well with the set of china
[09:56PM] <Requiem> I try
[09:56PM] <Jess_Kase> i suck at typing
[09:57PM] <Dom_Sweeney> you also wrote wrpte hahaha
[09:57PM] <StrayKitty> CHRIS, ANDY - my friend wants to know if you'll be signing stuff at Big Day Out?
[09:57PM] <pavementoyster> wow... chris already want's me to stop talking and hasn't even met me...
[09:57PM] <AllTornDown> over 50 users here!
[09:57PM] <Romi> which safeway?
[09:57PM] <Jess_Kase> i meant drums..u do realise that right
[09:57PM] <Dom_Sweeney> wrpte.. aahhaha
[09:57PM] <Jess_Kase> *blushes*
[09:57PM] <pavementoyster> yes we do jess
[09:57PM] <Dsprngboy> Jess_Kase where can i get DAD like that ?!: D
[09:57PM] <Jake_TLE> hahah yes jess
[09:57PM] <Cris> hey dom i'm in a band
[09:57PM] <Warlock_Society> i like bands
[09:57PM] <Dom_Sweeney> whats it called?
[09:57PM] <AllTornDown> encour for big day out?
[09:57PM] <sarah2> See ya guys, have a great bday chris, and a happy new year to u both...andy, you'll have to gieve your eyes a rest after u get through all this.. cant wait to see you guys soon!!!! keep it all up, and i love your news stuff...
[09:57PM] <AllTornDown> ?
[09:57PM] <Cris> crescent
[09:57PM] <ChrisCheney> stray: i think we might be doing some signing if they have a signing tent set up.
[09:57PM] <Romi> which safeway?
[09:57PM] <Mayb> bye sarah!
[09:57PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> no way I can't believe it! I've been listening to electric soft parade all day today. ok my dickhead outburst is now finished
[09:57PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:57PM] <Andy_Strachan> see ya fellas!
[09:57PM] <Cris> we have a keyboard player! ha!
[09:57PM] <pavementoyster> most band members meet me... then tell me to stop talking.... damn...
[09:57PM] <Jake_TLE> i have my drums in my basement, and twp recliners, i hope one day i have a pavked house to play to
[09:57PM] <Mayb> take care
[09:57PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:57PM] <pavementoyster> shafted.... :)
[09:58PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:58PM] <ChrisCheney> see you sarah, all the best to you. happy new year.
[09:58PM] <sarah2> bye Mayb - u lucky thing with travs car!!!
[09:58PM] <Fellas> CHris, Andy, i wish you both the best and have a great new year, keep playing so good and there is no limit to what you can do. And Chris, i'll Have a Baylies at the club for you
[09:58PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:58PM] <Jess_Kase> he has one bad side....he goes to tons of gigs...but how many gigs does he let hes daughters go to? none.. he says its cause where 16...but how old was he when he saw the who 15 grrrr
[09:58PM] <AllTornDown> I cant make it to the BDO
[09:58PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> Romi please stop that
[09:58PM] <jessrocker> bye chris, andy and room...4 am is calling me to sleep
[09:58PM] <Romi> chris: do u know somebody called DAN TEITLBBAUM?
[09:58PM] <Cris> DAN IS DEAD
[09:58PM] <Warlock_Society> CHRIS WHERE WILL YOU BE SIGNING?
[09:58PM] <Requiem> easy does it Romi
[09:58PM] <Mayb> ta - have a fab new yar!!!
[09:58PM] <Romi> hehe make him answerrr rme
[09:58PM] <Cris> he won't now
[09:58PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> chris just tell em if you know Dan
[09:58PM] <`-[SAM]-> andy and chris: if ya need a replacement drummer (andy bein dead and all) niss'll tell ya where u can contact me, :P have a good one fells 
[09:58PM] <Requiem> i'd imagine he would all by himself if he wanted to
[09:58PM] <ChrisCheney> seeya fellas.
[09:58PM] <StrayKitty> Warlock....Big Day Out
[09:58PM] <Andy_Strachan> tle gurl,im not giving up yet!
[09:58PM] <hectorflo> Later guys. I'm in LA so it is extremely early in the morning. Happy New Year and farewell to all!
[09:58PM] <Mayb> hey miyu
[09:58PM] <spiralOut> Chris: what time you on stage at the big day out ;D
[09:58PM] <unknown_69_> Havea great new year
[09:58PM] <pavementoyster> Chris, have you heard the Gold Coast band Triple-0-Seven?
[09:58PM] <Jess_Kase> bye
[09:58PM] <nirvana_punk_182> i have to go its 4 in the moring in calgary have an awesome time at BDO chris and ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:58PM] <Romi> ARE U LEAVING?
[09:58PM] <ChrisCheney> dotn know any one called dan.... off the top of my head.
[09:58PM] <AllTornDown> hey chris what about doing a W.A midwest tour
[09:58PM] <Cris> well Chris Cheney is was nice speaking with you!
[09:58PM] <unknown_69_> I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!!
[09:58PM] <AllTornDown> please
[09:58PM] <katty> chris-- when writing a song, do you find easier to write lyrics first or writing music then putting lyrics to the song?
[09:58PM] <Dom_Sweeney> I am off guys... Happy New Year. I have to work at COLES tomorrow morning.. yay.. night all. Chris and Andy - keep up the good work and happy bday Chris! Night
[09:59PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> GO COLES!
[09:59PM] <Jess_Kase> yeah come to WA please...i will say thank you
[09:59PM] <Romi> tTHANK YOU
[09:59PM] <AllTornDown> i cant make it to the BDO
[09:59PM] <Cris> Everyone i'm going back to bed
[09:59PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> later dom
[09:59PM] <Warlock_Society> Hope to meet you in LA chris bye
[09:59PM] <ChrisCheney> seeya nirvana. god bless
[09:59PM] <Jerri> bye dom!
[09:59PM] <Mayb> nighty night domness
[09:59PM] <Dom_Sweeney> haha yeah coles
[09:59PM] <Dom_Sweeney> woopdidoo
[09:59PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> AYE!! Take care dude, you fucking rock, you absolute fucking legend and kick arse guitar player... YOU ARE THE BEST
[09:59PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> coles rocks :P
[09:59PM] <Cris> bye Chris Cheney...happy bday
[09:59PM] <Romi> coles elsternwick....
[09:59PM] <spiralOut> cya Chris ;) have fun on your bday
[09:59PM] <Jess_Kase> oy chris is there any point us turning up at the airport to try and meet u b4 the bdo?
[09:59PM] <yummyfish> can you do undreage/all ages gigs soon???
[09:59PM] <ChrisCheney> seeya warlock, thanks for the chat - happy new year.
[09:59PM] <Warlock_Society> happy bday chris happy new year
[09:59PM] <Jess_Kase> aw the day before
[09:59PM] <Jake_TLE> bye chris, andy, see you when requiem and i sneak inro the studio...
[09:59PM] <Jess_Kase> see ya chris
[09:59PM] <AllTornDown> chris-what about all the country fans that cant see you?
[09:59PM] <Requiem> hahahha woot
[09:59PM] <Ben> Did someone just say my name?
[09:59PM] <Cris> bye dom niss trav jake
[09:59PM] <ChrisCheney> seeyou saw you at safeway.. happy new year - travel safe.
[09:59PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> jake...take lotsa photos :P
[09:59PM] <pavementoyster> CHRIS - have you heard of triple-0-seven?
[09:59PM] <Jake_TLE> i will
[10:00PM] <Dsprngboy> no one says me happy b-day !!!! i feel like an outside you pussies :)
[10:00PM] <unknown_69_> Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear chris, happy birthday to you,
[10:00PM] <ChrisCheney> seeyou jake.
[10:00PM] <Requiem> we will with our new cameras stephen
[10:00PM] <Requiem> haha
[10:00PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahaha
[10:00PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> good work!]
[10:00PM] <Mayb> bye jeky!
[10:00PM] <AllTornDown> will you guys be touring the country side
[10:00PM] <Jake_TLE> HEY! i can snap photos for the site:)
[10:00PM] <Cris> Chris Cheney what is your middle name?
[10:00PM] <Mayb> jakey even
[10:00PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> its my birthday the day after chris's....i dont know why everyone seems to forget that!!! :P
[10:00PM] <Requiem> and i can stand there!
[10:00PM] <Mayb> John
[10:00PM] <AllTornDown> chris chen cheney
[10:00PM] <Jake_TLE> bye may!
[10:00PM] <Ben> I think someone should voice Andy_Strachan :)
[10:00PM] <Mayb> its john
[10:00PM] <AllTornDown> lol
[10:00PM] <Relative_minor> I didn't really get to talk but see ya anyway
[10:00PM] <Jess_Kase> chris i guess thers no point then?
[10:00PM] <Requiem> happy birthday stephen!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[10:00PM] <Cris> well my birthday is xmas!!!
[10:00PM] <Jake_TLE> nancy, you can be in awe
[10:00PM] <Andy_Strachan> jake,15/16yrs
[10:00PM] <Dsprngboy> xBulletTheBlueStephenx me too :)
[10:00PM] <Requiem> mine's a week after Chris's don't forget me!!!!!
[10:00PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> THANKS NANCY! :D
[10:00PM] <Jess_Kase> ANDY!!!
[10:00PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> ooooh happy bday to you too!!!
[10:00PM] <Cris> bloody hell
[10:00PM] <Requiem> how old are you going to be stephen?
[10:01PM] <Dsprngboy> you too
[10:01PM] <Cris> goodnight everyone
[10:01PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> 23 :)
[10:01PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> gettin old ;)
[10:01PM] <Requiem> oh
[10:01PM] <Ben> Good work Jake
[10:01PM] <Requiem> i'm only 21
[10:01PM] <Cris> thanks andy and chris for coming
[10:01PM] <Jake_TLE> hahahhaha
[10:01PM] <Ben> Almost as old as me stephen!
[10:01PM] <Mayb> carlys 23 this year too
[10:01PM] <Ben> wooo
[10:01PM] <saw_u_at_safeway> yeah dude I'm gonna pitch a tent out the front and wait for you, just me and the photo in my wallet
[10:01PM] <Ben> Welcome to the old farts club
[10:01PM] <Jake_TLE> next chat andy remind me to voice you at the start:)
[10:01PM] <pavementoyster> LOL pitcha tent...
[10:01PM] <unknown_69_> i'm 13 :(
[10:01PM] <Mayb> shes having an 80's theme party
[10:01PM] <ChrisCheney> THANK YOU for the birthday wishes, THANK YOU for voting for us on the NET 50, we were rapt that it came in at Number 1, may you all have a SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you in a couple of weeks. Andy and I have to make tracks... adios to you all.
[10:01PM] <pavementoyster> sorry - private joke...
[10:01PM] <Requiem> i'm old enough to go to vegas with jake now though
[10:01PM] <Requiem> go me
[10:01PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> i know May....ive heard all about it hehehe
[10:01PM] <Andy_Strachan> requiem,cant wait
[10:01PM] <Dsprngboy> "life is a bitch and so am i, the world owes me so fuck you"
[10:01PM] <pavementoyster> BYE CHRIS!
[10:01PM] <KeithMoonLives> Chris, you have the best taste in music! You're the best! Happy birthday!
[10:01PM] <Dsprngboy> ADIOS AMIGOS
[10:01PM] <Jerri> may - yeah i think dads going to that, i know he mentioned it
[10:01PM] <chit> Thanks for taking time to chat muchly appreciated
[10:01PM] <Mayb> night Chris
[10:01PM] <StrayKitty> Bye Chris and Andy!!!
[10:01PM] <Requiem> thank you andy
[10:01PM] <unknown_69_> I LOVE YOU CHRIS
[10:01PM] <Warlock_Society> chris if you play somewhere in LA i will be waiting for 24 hours from the day before to buy tickets and to get in
[10:02PM] <Romi> BYE CHRIS
[10:02PM] <Jess_Kase> see ya and if u run into twins in the airport at perth..thats me and my sis dw we dont bite
[10:02PM] <pavementoyster> SEE YA ANDY!
[10:02PM] <Mayb> night Andy
[10:02PM] <katty> bye bye chris and andy
[10:02PM] <spiralOut> bye Chris n Andy :)
[10:02PM] <Niss> ppl stay here after the chat PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:02PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> nancy: save yourself the effort...give me some money :)
[10:02PM] <Requiem> bye guys
[10:02PM] <Romi> LOVE YOU
[10:02PM] <Cris> Chris say Turn - one more for the road
[10:02PM] <unknown_69_> HAPPY NEW YEAR
[10:02PM] <AllTornDown> WE NEED THE NEW ALBUM NOW!!!
[10:02PM] <Dsprngboy> keep rock aLiVE!"! :!"
[10:02PM] <Jess_Kase> *huggles*
[10:02PM] <StrayKitty> Have a great new year and happy Birthday CHRIS!
[10:02PM] <Jake_TLE> bye all!!!!
[10:02PM] <spiralOut> cya in Perth :D
[10:02PM] <Mayb> see yas in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:02PM] <bennyD> bye guys
[10:02PM] <kristen_22> Thanks Andy and Chris!
[10:02PM] <Requiem> good try stephen
[10:02PM] <unknown_69_> HAPPY BIRTHDAY
[10:02PM] <Mayb> YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:02PM] <bennyD> cya
[10:02PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> cant blame me :)
[10:02PM] <AllTornDown> bye guys geat talkin to ya
[10:02PM] <FuzzJon> wow, there's alot of people here, hah
[10:02PM] <Jess_Kase> and dont let the bed bug bite*
[10:02PM] <yummyfish> BYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ good luck with everything!!!!!!
[10:02PM] <TheGenerator> cABBAGES NUMBER 1!!!!
[10:02PM] <KeithMoonLives> BYYEEE!!
[10:02PM] <AllTornDown> tanks alot
[10:02PM] <chit> happy birthday Chris
[10:02PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> cya chris and andy...make sure you pracitce Stay Away From Me!!!
[10:02PM] <unknown_69_> can't wait till the new album
[10:02PM] <TheGenerator> CABAGE
[10:02PM] <Mayb> say bye to Em too
[10:02PM] <TheGenerator> CABBAGE!
[10:02PM] <Romi> whats wrong with big nipples?
[10:02PM] <TheGenerator> WEEEE
[10:02PM] <Dsprngboy> yea, but i a few minutes her a about 5 person
[10:02PM] <Dsprngboy> in
[10:02PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> niss: the server is gonna crash when all these people leave
[10:02PM] <Jess_Kase> happy new yr and happy birfday
[10:02PM] <Ben> TheGenerator : Get it right :P
[10:02PM] <Dsprngboy> here
[10:02PM] <Jake_TLE> yes, stay away from me, learn it, play it live, watch us all fall over
[10:02PM] <TheGenerator> LOL
[10:02PM] <FuzzJon> JAKE
[10:02PM] <TheGenerator> SORRY
[10:03PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> YESSSSSSSSSS
[10:03PM] <spiralOut> anyone know what time tle are on stage at bdo?
[10:03PM] <Jake_TLE> JON!!!
[10:03PM] <FuzzJon> wpppppp
[10:03PM] <Requiem> jon???
[10:03PM] <Dsprngboy> god damned.... 17, and i dont still know how to write :I
[10:03PM] <TheGenerator> BYE BYE CHRIS
[10:03PM] <FuzzJon> or something
[10:03PM] <Mayb> Syau Away
[10:03PM] <chit> Good luck BDO and album
[10:03PM] <Requiem> hi jon!
[10:03PM] <KeithMoonLives> [faints again]
[10:03PM] <Mayb> *Stay fuck
[10:03PM] <FuzzJon> HI NANCY!
[10:03PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> i can get up and sing it :)
[10:03PM] <FuzzJon> im at charlie's
[10:03PM] <Ben> whoa
[10:03PM] <Ben> colours
[10:03PM] <Mayb> wow
[10:03PM] <pavementoyster> pretty
[10:03PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> i waste away my tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
[10:03PM] <AllTornDown> TLE will say number one in the net 50,u have commited fans
[10:03PM] <TheGenerator> BYEEEEEEE
[10:03PM] <Dsprngboy> blow!
[10:03PM] <unknown_69_> love you chris
[10:03PM] <pavementoyster> cya chris
[10:03PM] <Jess_Kase> bye chris!!!
[10:03PM] <Mayb> impressive
[10:03PM] <Uptownerd> n'aw colours :~)
[10:03PM] <StrayKitty> Bye Chris!!!!!!
[10:03PM] <Romi> LOVE YOU CHRIS
[10:03PM] <Jake_TLE> bye chris, andy, be safe on the road
[10:03PM] <Ben> yeah.. now i am totally blind
[10:03PM] <Requiem> jon my sister might do uni in harlow (or however you spell it) i told her to hang out with you and charlie
[10:03PM] <Ben> haha
[10:03PM] <Ben> I can't see colour
[10:03PM] <Jess_Kase> bye andy!!!
[10:03PM] <unknown_69_> I'll miss you chris
[10:03PM] <AllTornDown> TLE for mainstream number 1
[10:03PM] <unknown_69_> miss you andy!
[10:03PM] <Warlock_Society> is Prisoner of Society on the net 50?
[10:03PM] <Mayb> *waves*
[10:03PM] <Warlock_Society> We should bring it back
[10:04PM] <TheGenerator> WAIT!
[10:04PM] <pavementoyster> ok
[10:04PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> niss dont bother 
[10:04PM] *** Signoff: ChrisCheney (QUIT: User exited)
[10:04PM] <FuzzJon> really nancy?
[10:04PM] <Mayb> droppin like flys now
[10:04PM] <Requiem> yeah
[10:04PM] <Relative_minor> Doh..... I wanted to ask some technical questions... guess I was too late
[10:04PM] <AllTornDown> im gonna go and listen to some living end
[10:04PM] <FuzzJon> thats sweet, i would totally give her hugs
[10:04PM] <sarah2> how do i save this thing????
[10:04PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> we're down to 40!
[10:04PM] <Niss> meh
[10:04PM] <Niss> im not bothering
[10:04PM] <pavementoyster> i've no idea romi
[10:04PM] <Jess_Kase> andy you there?
[10:04PM] <spiralOut> anyone know what time tle are on stage at bdo? :P
[10:04PM] <Ben> Romi : Please don't repeat and use caps
[10:04PM] <Niss> fuck it
[10:04PM] <unknown_69_> ow chris is gone, sob :(
[10:04PM] <Jess_Kase> or do u just not know how to quit?
[10:04PM] <Romi> KK
[10:04PM] <AllTornDown> any is there
[10:04PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> i can boot him if you want :D
[10:04PM] <Mayb> and thanks again niss
[10:05PM] <Ode> anyone want 'One Said to the Other' video clip on pc (mpg) ?
[10:05PM] <Romi> guys: does any one know what's wrong with having big nipples?
[10:05PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> spiral: i heard early-mid afternoon
[10:05PM] <Jess_Kase> my sis told me to say that...its not me being mean
[10:05PM] <bennyD> andy cant leave now
[10:05PM] <spiralOut> okey tar ;)
[10:05PM] <Dsprngboy> Ode, me me me :D
[10:05PM] <Romi> guys: does any one know what's wrong with having big nipples?
[10:05PM] <sarah2> nope i want to know how to save this chat thanks
[10:05PM] <AllTornDown> yeah i want the film clip
[10:05PM] <bennyD> yep
[10:05PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> thanks for organising that niss :)
[10:05PM] <pavementoyster> ROMI - i have no idea... i wasn't aware it was a problem..
[10:05PM] <spiralOut> perth will be best bdo :P
[10:05PM] <Romi> SAME!
[10:05PM] <Dsprngboy> O D E !
[10:05PM] * FuzzJon hugs niss
[10:05PM] <Romi> all of a sudden i have big nipples?
[10:05PM] <Mayb> 35
[10:05PM] <Jess_Kase> spiralOut it can be cause i wont be there *sniffs*
[10:05PM] <pavementoyster> well i guess it's just a problem to some then
[10:05PM] <Niss> why am i being hugged?
[10:05PM] <Ode> Dsprng, do you have dialup or broadband connection?
[10:05PM] <Jake_TLE> ANDY!!??!?!?
[10:05PM] <Requiem> it's jon!
[10:05PM] * AllTornDown smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[10:05PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> for being a good organisererer
[10:05PM] <FuzzJon> cos im jon and you're nissa
[10:05PM] <Romi> NIPPLe
[10:05PM] <Dsprngboy> Niss, they love ya!
[10:05PM] <Requiem> welcome back ant
[10:06PM] <Romi> fuck me
[10:06PM] <Niss> this is too much 
[10:06PM] <Romi> NIPPLe
[10:06PM] <Ode> Dsprng, do you have dialup or broadband connection?
[10:06PM] <Warlock_Society> agh i disconnected myself by accident
[10:06PM] <Jess_Kase> *sighs*
[10:06PM] <Romi> im horny
[10:06PM] <Dsprngboy> Ode, i have ADSL, don't know what u meant :P?
[10:06PM] <Romi> NIPPLe
[10:06PM] <Ezekiel> what did i miss
[10:06PM] <DrPhiL> lol
[10:06PM] <pavementoyster> going for the living end style little 'e' there romi?
[10:06PM] <Romi> i will give u good head
[10:06PM] <Romi> NIPPLe
[10:06PM] <DrPhiL> keep it in ya pants romi
[10:06PM] <Ode> adsl is ok, where are you? Oz?
[10:06PM] <kristen_22> hands up if you're going to rockarama
[10:06PM] <Romi> NIPPLe
[10:06PM] <AllTornDown> Hey Andy whats it like now being with the living end
[10:06PM] <Dsprngboy> umm... im in Finland :D
[10:06PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> oh nothing ant...JUST CHRIS CHENEY AND ANDY STRACHAN IN CHANNEL!!!!!!! *squeals*
[10:06PM] <spiralOut> i get free adsl coz i work at an isp :D
[10:06PM] <Romi> hand down myb panties for chrid
[10:06PM] <unknown_69_> hey dsprngboy
[10:06PM] <Mayb> thats my line D
[10:06PM] <Mayb> :P
[10:07PM] <unknown_69_> remember moi?
[10:07PM] <Dsprngboy> hey unknown_69_ :D
[10:07PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> sorry M...couldnt resist :P
[10:07PM] <Dsprngboy> yeah 
[10:07PM] <Ben> Thats it xBulletTheBlueStephenx, squeal like a girl
[10:07PM] <Ben> haha
[10:07PM] <Ode> Dsprng, use Kazaa?
[10:07PM] <Dsprngboy> nope
[10:07PM] <Guest32771> Yeo hann say yo when ur in
[10:07PM] <Ode> it's 40mb+
[10:07PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> hahaha ant ur such a nazi
[10:07PM] <Ezekiel> no chat for you!
[10:07PM] <kristen_22> Mayb - r u going to rockarama?
[10:07PM] <xBulletTheBlueStephenx> HAHAHA
[10:07PM] <Dsprngboy> you can send it :)
[10:07PM] <pavementoyster> THE CHAT NAZI!
[10:07PM] <pavementoyster> hehe
[10:07PM] <Mayb> yep
[10:07PM] <Niss> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <_____________________________MSN IF NEEDED I CNAT USE THIS!!! AND ANYONE INTERESTED IN CHRIS'S BDAY THING MSG ME ON MSN
[10:07PM] <Dsprngboy> i can send you something ... :P
[10:07PM] <Mayb> how are ya Kristen?
[10:07PM] <kristen_22> cool - c u there :-)
[10:08PM] <Andy_Strachan> guys im out of here,sorry bout the lack of computer skills.i will get some lessons b4 next time!HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 U ALL!andy.....
[10:08PM] <Ben> hm
[10:08PM] <kristen_22> busy - got a new job
[10:08PM] <Ode> Dsprng, msn? yahoo? icq? too big to email
[10:08PM] <TheGenerator> BYEEEEEEEE
[10:08PM] <pavementoyster> BYE ANDY!
[10:08PM] <Dsprngboy> can u use IRC ?
[10:08PM] <Jess_Kase> bye andy!!!!
[10:08PM] *** Signoff: Andy_Strachan (QUIT: User exited)

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