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Content Type: Interview
Interviewed: Rae Harvey
Album Era: MODERN ARTillery

Australian Music Online

Date: 23rd June 2003
Author: Unknown
Featuring: Rae Harvey


Rae Harvey - Manager, The Living End

She might be photo shy but manager for the Living End, Rae Harvey, has her hands full...

Who are your 3-5 favourite Australian artists?
The Living End, The Vines, Sonicanimation, Kasey Chambers, Savage Garden

What are your 3-5 most played local releases?
The Vines – Highly Evolved (love the production, record is outstanding), The Living End – title TBA (obvious reasons and because I’m stoked that six years on they still excite me) Sorry – been listening to loads of o/s stuff lately…

What traits to do you look for in an act to consider working with them?
‘IT’ – but don’t ask me to describe what ‘IT’ is. All I can say is not many artists possess it and if you’re lucky enough to see / find ‘IT’ you better grab it quick.

Which Australian performer (past or present) would you most like to work with?
Kasey Chambers – I hate country music so it would surely present a challenge!

Describe your most memorable local music moment?
Big Day Out 1999 – every bit of it - nationwide

What are your three favourite music websites?
Music Manager's Forum Australia

What’s one thing a good manager should always keep in mind?
Everything that goes wrong is your fault, rise above it. And if you need loads of acknowledgement and praise, join a band instead.

What is the most difficult part of your job?
Ensuring everyone involved at different levels feels involved and part of the decision making process.

What's the most important issue facing local music today?
Digital Downloads. Why will people happily pay $40 for a DVD they’ll watch twice, but not $30 for a CD that can give years of pleasure?

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