2000 - The Advertiser

Author: Michael Owen-Brown
Content Type: Music Review
Album Era: Roll On

The Advertiser

Date: 2000
Author: Michael Owen-Brown
Album Review

 The Living End

Roll On (EMI)
[ * * * * 1/2]


When did The Living End transform into the heir apparent to AC-DC? The opening riff of Silent Victory sounds more like Acca Dacca than most songs written since Back In Black. It's just one of a handful of driving hard-rock anthems on this latest album which are totally unexpected. More unexpected is that The Living End pulls off this potentially disastrous experiment with confidence and panache. Roll On is one of the most brash and catchy albums this year. The band's superb musical abilities - particularly Chris Cheney's blistering guitar licks - allow it to traverse various styles and tempos. Development in the band's songwriting since it's 1998 debut album is immediately noticable. Perhaps some songs are too cluttered, but the album works brilliantly as a whole.

2000 - The Advrtiser

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