1996 - Zoom

Author: Anna Megalogenis
Content Type: Gig Review
Album Era: It's For Your Own Good EP

Zoom - Gig Review

Date: 1996
Author: Anna Megalogenis
Gig Review


The Living End - with Even, the Fauves

The Living End were playing whilst I entered the hall, amidst the young children and teenagers. I was taken back by the freshness of the crowd, feeling quite chronolgically advantaged. The Living End, a psychobilly trio with gravity defying hairdos, belted out tunes such as Strange and also 10:15 Saturday Night, a Cure cover, amongst other crowd favorites.
Once the band left the stage, masses of excited teenagers flocked to the side of the stage to speak to the lead singer and get all matter of clothing and paraphernalia autographed.

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