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Content Type: Music Review
Album Era: The Living End (Self Titled)

Alternative Press

Date: January 2000
Author: Unknown


The Living End
The Living End

If you removed the ska influence from Rancid and injected Green Day with even more melodic sense, you'd wind up with this Aussie three-piece.
With a voice (and look) reminiscent of Brian Setzer, lead singer Chris Cheney addresses standard punk issues - non-conformity, bringing down the establishment, etc. - in the lyrics, but the band keep it fun without getting too heavy. Sadly overlooked by radio due to 1999's tidal wave of white-boy rap-metal, the band's self-titled debut is 47 minutes of skateable, stage-divin'-able, pop-punk thrash. Between The Living End and MxPx, who needs Green Day any longer? The next generation has arrived. (Reprise) [MS]

 The Living End - Alternative Press

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