2000 - Juice Magazine Yearbook

Content Type: Interview
Interviewed: Chris Cheney
Album Era: Roll On

Juice Magazine

Date: 2000
Author: Unknown
Featuring: Chris Cheney


This is just the beginning...

They might have got their first break with a song in which the "We don't need no one to tell us what to do" lyric was of more interest to frustrated 13-year-olds than it was to serious music fans, but The Living End went on to show everyone they're among the most skilled bands in the country.

With their debut album earning The Living End the reputation of the saviours of Oz rock, a lot of pressure was laid on the Melbourne outfit to follow up their smash hit self-titled debut. And they didn't let their fans down. Released to the approval of critics and fans nation-wide, Roll On showed The Living End lending a little more weight to the 'rock' and a little less to the 'abilly', while still maintaining an incredibly high standard of musicianship.

"I think it's a nice progression," guitarist and singer Chris Cheney told JUICE of the new record. "Anything more and people would be disappointed. The playing on it is better, the arranging more mature, but it's still got the anthemic choruses, which was the main thing we were trying to capture."

With a very well-received mainstage set at Livid festival and the coveted headline slot at Homebake, the boys are certainly back in town, and everybody seems pretty happy about it. DL

Juice Y2K Yearbook

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