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Juice Magazine

Date: 2001
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The road to the end.

Chris Cheney ends a big year limping.

A motor accident sure can cramp your schedule as The Living End's Chris Cheney is only too acutely aware. One late-night high-speed incident and there goes your ARIA performance and summer tour.

Already widely loved as an arse-kicking, fire-breathing, live-rock-leviathan, The Living End pulled off blinding international appearances this year, playing the main stage at the UK's Reading festival and appearing on David Letterman's show to promote their brilliant second album, Roll On. Even anti punk-rock style-nazis have had to bite their tongues and admit there are few bands - and a three-piece, no less - who can command a room with the dynamism, panache and rock power of the punkabilly trio. Add their willingness to branch out, cross-pollinate (See Crossfire, the End's contribution to country pin-up girl Kasey Chambers's latest album).

Given their rockabilly-derived schtick and punkified aggression, the US was always going to be a target for touring, though even NME's review of The Living End LP offered congenial (rather than scathing) comparisons to The Clash.

Though Cheney looks like spending much of 2002 off his badly damaged leg - giving bandmates Travis Demsey (drums) and Scott Owen (double bass) a well deserved rest - he can convalesce in the certain knowledge that not even the road can keep a good band down.

Juice Yearbook 2001

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