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Date: November 2001
Author: Unknown
Album Review


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Roll On

The last two times I have seen The Living End perform recently was Livid, in Brisbane, October 21 and last night at the HiFi. One time I had seen them previously was at Greville Records in front of about 15 people a few years back.

The Living End has come a long way in those few years, and their latest album is around to prove it. Getting things rolling is Roll On. A three minute intro into this dynamic trio's own blend of old school rockabilly and oz rock, and speaking of oz rock, I think it's safe to say a few Angels records had been spun in the studio during the sessions of the first single; Pictures In The Mirror.

Vocalist/Guitarist Chris Cheney gets to show off his fingers of grease through Carry Me Home. I swear this guy has the best guitar skills in Australian music.

I remember last night during The Living End's performance saying to my acquaintance "This song sounds like U2", as well as recalling his agreement, and now that I listen to Dirty Man again, I still say that.

So far, only half way through the disc we've seen an impressive distribution of influences, and Blood On Your Hands even shows some jazzy sounds putting that double bass to true use.

Silent Victory (a few songs down the track) tends to have that jazzy touch in the background as well. An interesting theory I may have uncovered hereā€¦ or not.

Killing the Right sounds like The Cure's 10:15 Saturday Night (A song previously covered by TLE). I know I said that bluntly, but it's the way it is.

I'll skip through to the final track, Uncle Harry. This has to be the catchiest goddamn punk rockabilly melody ever made. I'm surprised it's not a single, people wouldn't get the damn things out of their heads.

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